Following are results from a study correlating gross domestic product (GDP) and the Consumer Price Index (CPI) from a group of 16 Asian countries, a

a.       Which correlation coefficient is the highest?

b.       Which correlation coefficient has the highest statistical significance?

c.       How can a correlation of r=.53 (from the combined group) be more statistically significant (better p value) than a correlation of r=.59 (from the Asian countries)?

Chapter 9

                            PREDICTION AND REGRESSION

Fill in the blanks:

9.1.     In simple regression, there is/are _____ predictor(s).

9.2.     The regression line is also called a line __________.

9.3.     The slope of the regression line is represented by the letter ___.

9.4.     When the regression equation is used to draw a line, the point where that line intersects the vertical line (the Y-axis) is represented by the letter ___ which indicates the intercept.

9.5.     When the correlation between two variables is perfect and positive, and we use one of these variables to predict the other one, the standard error of estimate (SE) is _____.

9.6.     The difference between an actual Y score and its corresponding predicted Y score (Y’) is called the _____ score.

9.7.     In multiple regression with two predictors, there is/are _____ intercept(s), represented in the equation by the letter a.

Circle the correct answer:

9.8.     In regression, the predictor is called the independent/dependent variable, and the predicted variable (or the criterion variable) is called the independent/dependent.

9.9.     The predicted variable is represented by the letter X/Y and the predictor is represented by the letter X/Y.

9.10.   In the regression equation, the letter b represents the constant/coefficient and the letter a represents the constant/coefficient.

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