formal business report

formal business report.

Your task is to prepare a formal business report offering your recommendations on the following subjects:


Hiring and promotion
Explain how employees will be hired and promoted – according to local values, or based on merit.
Explain how matters of gender and sexual orientation will be handled with respect to hiring and promotion.
Explain the suggested policy on child labour.
Where there is a gap between the recommended policy and the values of the host country, explain how you will gain acceptance for the change.

Working conditions
worker pay
hours of work, including lunch hours and breaks
health and safety
Be sure to explain what is acceptable in the host country and what the standards are elsewhere.

Organizational structure and leadership style
What would this country’s scores on the Geert Hofstede cultural dimensions tell you about

the most appropriate organizational structure to adopt?
the most appropriate leadership style to adopt?
how targets will be set, which style of appraisal will be used, and how workers will be motivated (such as through individual incentives or team rewards)?

formal business report

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