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There are several benefits that will come with the international experience. It is because of these benefits that I really would like to be among those who will be travelling. My reasons for wanting to go are summarized as under:

Outside excursions allows one to experience things that a classroom will never give. It is true that geology does not only involve theoretical work but it is practical as well. As the trip is an academic trip, the experience will be practical and what is seen with the eyes is rarely forgotten. The real subject matter of the subject will be discovered and this will make future classroom Lessons more interesting and real. The overall effect of the trip will thus be an improvement of my goals and understanding what the subject matter of geology really is.

The international experience will improve my career prospects. By having wider experiences which will come by travelling to other places other than my own country will provide me new experiences. I may never gain these experiences if I only sat and listened to a lecturer in class. Basically what I am trying to indicate here is that my CV will be improved and my chances o-f getting a job in future will be enhanced.

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