Gender inequality in the fashion industry

Gender inequality in the fashion industry.

I’ll attach a photo of the instructions later.

I currently have 6 reading materials already and need 6 more sources. Please help me find the rest that fit the topic. I have 2weeks+ to finish the whole paper. However, please only send me the proposal and the reference list in this order, as I’ll firstly pay for the research proposal. The reason I propose this way is that I need to see the quality of the proposal first and see if my writer is responsible, helpful and devoted enough, and then if I like it I will request the same writer for the whole paper in next order. I am saying that because I want to make sure this time my order will be assigned to a truely responsible writer who is there helping me, guiding me, and listening to my commentary along the process; the last two orders of mine I received unsatisfying writings, requested revisions many many times but my instructions were not followed so I ended up requesting partial refunds on both orders. Please help me find a good writer specializing in the field. I am sorry if saying so is rude, but I think this time I need to speak out.

Going back to the research proposal, I just need one paragraph for it (please find the attachment), so one page-275words is good for this order. Regarding the research question, I intend to address this question: “In the business of fashion, are women still being held back by stereotypes?”. However, the writer can specify another research question that he/she thinks is more appropriate, or is convenient for his/her research.

I have taken a photo of sources used, which are ticked (x) and (v). If you have any questions so far please feel free to ask me soon. Thank you

Gender inequality in the fashion industry

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