General introduction to social science

Topic: General introduction to social science

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assignment you will see “WEEK 3 & 4 readings” click on that and then click on “WEEK 3 & 4 READINGS”click on the attached file

and read, the week 3 is about Method of research: ?Modes of Observation: Experiments and the homework assignment is going to

be based on Surveys and qualitative field research.after reading answer the questions below
1.Individuals who answer survey questionnaires are called?
2.What is the best known current example of secondary analysis?
Surveys are particularly appropriate to:
a. A study of a small group of church members
b. Use in an experiment in the laboratory
c. collect original data to describe a large population
d. conduct analyses of people in observation studies
4.Surveys are a new technique, done only within the last 100 years.
B. False
_________  is a type of question in which the respondent is asked to provide her or his own answer to the question
6.  Maria used this item in her questionnaire: “What do you think about the conflict ?”What is the major weakness of this

a. it is too short
b. it is double barreled
c. it is a leading question
d. it is ambiguous and unclear
Sam used this question in his questionnaire given to students:  “Are you satisfied with your grade in this class and the

amount of homework? ” What is the major weakness of this item?
Answer is ambiguous and unclear is double-barreled
C.respondents are not competent to answer is a leading question
Stephanique used this question in her questionnaire given to students:  “My working conditions are not satisfactory, ”  and

used “strongly agree” to “strongly disagree” as responses. What is the major weakness of this item?
a. it is a leading question
b. it is unclear and ambiguous
c. it is a negative item
d. it is double barreled
9. In general, survey research is an appropriate observational method for
a. describing a population too large to observe directly
b. descriptive, exploratory and explanatory purposes
c. the measurement of attitudes prevalent in a larger population
d. studies that use individuals as the units of analysis
e. all of these answers are correct
10.  Push Polls are useful for predicting what voters really thing about candidates
Answer True Or False

Questions for Field Research Forced Choice is as follow:
1. The terms qualitative field research and participant observation are synonomous. True or false ?
An example of a complete participant role is (are)
a. joining an Alcoholics Anonymous group without revealing your identity as a researcher
b. standing on a street corner and watching whether males or females are more likely to jay-walk
c. telling  motorcycle gang that you are a researcher and would ike to ride with tem for a year to understand their

interaction patterns
d. being a newspaper reporter who interviews union workers to learn about recent demonstration efforts
e. all of these choices are examples of the complete participant role
The field researcher
a. seldom approaches the task with precisely defined hypotheses to be tested
b. attempts to make sense out of an ongoing process that cannot always be predicted in advance
c. makes initial observations, develops tentative conclusions that suggest further observation and revises the conclusions
d. all of these choices are advantages of field research

Ralph wants to study juries and more specifically what forepersons do on juries. According to Lofland and his colleagues,

Ralph is most interested in studying:
a. episodes
b. encounters
c. roles
d. settlements
e. social and personal relationships
Anna studied the social interactions within the basketball team at her school.  Which one of the following did she study?
a. practices
b. episodes
c. groups
d. settlements
Tom studied friendship patterns among pairs of women and pairs of men.  Which of the following did he study?
a. relationships
b. social worlds
c. organizations
d. lifestyles or subcultures
7. What refers to the process by which the subjects of research may react to the fact that they are being observed by

changing their behavior?
Qualitative field research differs from other forms of observation in that it is both  data-collecting and a

theory-generating activity
Answer True or False
“Going native” is associated with
a. playing the complete observer role
b. dong any type of field research
c. doing qualitative interviews
d. Playing the complete participant role

Which of the following is not a topic particularly appropriate for field research?
a. attitudes and behaviors best understood in their natural settings
b. social processes over time
c. events taking place within a relatively limited area and time
d. the effect of watching a video in a laboratory on prejudice

Pls these question should be a ONE PAGE and Pls NO grammatical errors or wrong spellings. ? please number them so I know

which is for which and you can give a headline. Thank you.

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