Generalist and Clinical Social Work

Generalist and Clinical Social Work


Social work practice is concerned with the enhancement of peoples well being by issue of various approaches that recognize that individuals have an inherent capacity to help themselves from the problems experienced. There are several specializations in social work. Among this specialization is the generalist social work that concerns itself on a broad range of issues ranging from family issues, individual issues, occupation social work, health issues, adolescent issues among others and the clinical social work that limits its scope to the matters that are concerned to clinical issues. Despite, the areas of specialization employs the ethical conducts of the general social work practice before the clinical social work being controlled by other rules that are applicable in the clinical fraternity.

According to Kirst-Ashman, and Grafton, (2006), the components of generalist social work practice include the cultural competency. A generalist social worker is expected to be competent to enable her effectively function in different cultures, managing the tenets of this cultural differences with care and caution. A generalist social worker is also expected to be well equipped with conflict resolution skill. The skills should also span from those used in family conflict resolution to those that are based on interpersonal as well as intrapersonal conflicts.

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