Given the case study, can you write a good Executive Summary and Project Objective for as Project Charter?

Given the case study, can you write a good Executive Summary and Project Objective for as Project Charter?

Case Scenario – Mamma’s Bakery and Sandwich Shoppe

Your team has been asked to prepare a project plan to install an IT system in a local bakery.  Mamma Mia has been the primary baker and bakery owner since its opening 15 years ago. The bakery is one of a dozen shops in a strip mall in an up-and-coming part of town. The bakery is a walk-up-and-order configuration with no seating space. Because the bakery has become more successful over the years, Mamma Mia has decided that the time is right to expand the bakery into the next store, which is now vacant, and she has signed a contract for the two stores to be connected and remodeled. This space will more than double the size of the current bakery. With this added-on/extra space, Mamma Mia would like to offer her customers sandwiches and bakery items, as well as café-type seating. At the moment, the bakery employs 1 other baker and 2 persons who wait on the customers at the counter. All paperwork, bookkeeping, ordering supplies, hiring and firing, and keeping track of inventory is done by Mamma.  When the expansion construction is complete, Mamma Mia anticipates hiring 4 additional people full time – 2 food-service certified sandwich makers, 1 more baker, and 1 more counter server. She also intends to hire 1 person to track inventory and order supplies, and 1 person to manage the bookkeeping, bill paying, and finance parts of the business.  

Because the bakery is now a small operation, all business is done by telephone and with paper documents. There is one cash register and all bakery goods are purchased with cash or check. To coincide with the construction/expansion effort, Mamma would like to have an IT system installed for point-of-sale, inventory, bookkeeping, purposes. Mamma would like the system to “connect” to her suppliers, the health department for food services, and other business relationships. She would also like a website so that she has an Internet presence and so her customers can make advance orders for pick-up. Related to that, she would like the system to be able to process debit and credit cards. 

Mamma Mia has identified $100,000 to provide an IT system that will be modern, easy to use/employee and customer friendly, and will make her bakery and sandwich shop more efficient. The cost estimate is just that – an estimate. 

Mamma has very little experience working with computers and IT systems. She feels a bit “old fashioned” but she is willing to learn and wants to be sure that her employees learn, too, how to work with the IT system. Mamma is your point of contact and the person yu will be working with as you “fill-in” and finalize the requirements for the IT system, and then move to the design and implementation of the IT system. This means you will have a need to define and explain terms as you work with her.  

As you begin to plan the ITP project, keep in mind that until now the client has had little or no IT system and has had no IT staff. In addition, there is no networking, LAN, or Internet installed, and no productivity software or other applications. You may assume that Internet connectivity is available in the area, however (whether via ISP or satellite or whatever). Mamma Mia is the major stakeholder and your point of contact for this proposal. Your instructor will fill the role of Mamma and the major stakeholder. So all questions for the client should be directed to your class instructor. Your team may consider clarifying the requirements, including the available funding, through Private Message email interviews with Mamma Mia.

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