Global Marketing Drivers

Global Marketing Drivers.

Global Marketing Drivers
1a) Identify and evaluate the key drivers of globalisation and using credible examples, explain how these drivers affect internationalisation from the marketing perspective.
1b) Every nation has distinct differences and dealing with such differences represents one of the most important challenges for international businesses. Critically analyse and discuss how and why these key differences (for example, culture, economic systems etc.) may influence international marketing activities such as marketing mix.

Assignment Guidance
Using the recommended reading and wider academic research- consider, explore and report on the two questions posed above. Use real company examples and academic resources to support your answer where appropriate. Write an introductory paragraph and concluding paragraph which summarises the key points that you wish to make.
Academic References and Bibliography
For references make sure to use the Harvard reference method. In your bibliography, list all web sites, articles and any other sources you consulted.

Global Marketing Drivers

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