Global studies

Global studies.

Write an essay that provides a well-argued opinion, based on research, that either supports or argues against your original hypothesis.

You must use evidence from at least four primary and/or secondary sources; one of these sources should be a published source from the library. You will be assessed on evidence of close reading of your sources.

Acceptable academic/scholarly secondary sources will be defined as being either articles published in peer reviewed journals or books that are based on research, contain citations and a bibliography , Please avoid Wikipedia and other non-academic sources.

Your paper should include an accurate and relevant bibliography.

You must demonstrate correct use of a citation and referencing style.

Hypothesis: Space races have happened between different countries before and still continue to this day, but i find myself disagreeing with india’s attempt to send a rocket into space, because however advanced their technologies are, india is unable to afford this mission considering their inability to provide basic needs for its people as well as its economic unstability.

Organization:Pattern 1:

        Thesis statement:

PRO idea 1

        PRO idea 2

        CON(s) + Refutation(s)



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