GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) Foods Impact on the US Economy

A 4-5 page research paper using primary and secondary sources for my American History Class. At

least one must be a primary source and at least one must be a secondary source. You must use at

least one academic article found through JSTOR. Paper needs a list of works consulted and

citations. Paper should have a clear thesis in the first paragraph, a presentation of evidence

in the body paragraphs and a strong conclusion. If possible please include something that has

to do with the experience of the bracero program which provided temporary workers from Mexico

between 1942 and 1964. This paper can either be in apa or mla, just consistent with one format.

Paper should also talk about if farmers benefiting or not from GMO in addition to consumers.

How does it affect the economy? Is it good or bad? How does it affect humans? Do consumers

really refuse to buy genetically modified food? These types of questions should be what this

paper is based on. Genetically modified crops in the US, etc..

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