Governance for Environmental Sustain-ability’s

Governance for Environmental Sustain-ability’s essay

Order Instructions: Answer the following questions and write 1300 words:
‘Much of the environmental movement was based on Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, and Garrett Hardin’s ‘Tragedy of the Commons’, which were both written in the 1960s. Are these writings still relevant in the 21st Century and if so, in what way?’

You will be provided with a set of three readings to analyze in terms of environmental policy. The readings will deal with different aspects of a particular policy area and your essay should draw on the theory you have covered in the unit (Governance for Environmental Sustainability. Text book: Carter, N. (2007) The Politics of the Environment. Ideas. Activism. Policy. 2nd Edn. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press) to determine:
‘ Who are the stakeholders?
‘ In whose interest is the policy?
‘ Who or what is driving the policy agenda?

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