Government, Society, Organisation, Individual, Activists

You are required to identify the nature of a significant environmental issue, which confronts society, or explore environmental concerns at an organization of your

choice.Analyse the response to the issue fromone or more stakeholders’ perspectives [e.g. Government, Society, Organisation, Individual, Activist].  Your response must

include the following:

Introduction should include:
A brief description of the environmental issue you have identified and an outline of which areas of the question you intend to cover.   For example, the environmental

issue that confronts society or an organisation, the anticipated policy and the stakeholder/s perspective etc.

Remember the introduction provides a background and the direction of your assignment.

The main body of the essay should include:
•    the chosen issue within a relevant theoretical context.. For example economics and valuing the environment, science and policy, sustainability, ecological

modernization etc.

•    the reasons against your argument and set out briefly the main objections to the position [the academic debates].

•    the reason for your argument [identifying the key points from the chosen theoretical context].

•    evidence in support of your claims.  For example reports, policy, news articles, journal articles

•    consideration should be given to evaluating the environmental policy response to the issue you have identified.

Typically the main body of your essay should provide insights to what the academics write about a particular topic, the policy that is anticipated to address the

issue, the issue from one or more stakeholders perspective. Then a discussion on how the academic literature helps inform us of practice and practice of theory.

[Think theory, rhetoric [policy] and practice [stakeholder perspective], discussion [theory and practice].

The conclusion: shouldconfirm the point of view taken on you’re chosen environmental issue, summarise the main stages of your argument and could conclude with future

implications of the environmental policy.

Assessment: 3000 words

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