GRAD 695 : Research And Writing

GRAD 695 : Research And Writing


This assignment is supposed to be about your research design/proposal. We have covered what it means by the research design in the class lectures. This is supposed to be a document where you are going to explain HOW you are planning to do your research.

The expectation is that when anyone reads your proposal, the procedures should be explained with appropriate details about other parameters such as data collection, analysis, etc.

Remember, research is a way of thinking in a scientific manner. Therefore, whatever you include in your research design should always be supported by literature (journals/books/review articles, etc).

For this assignment you need to have a document consisting of the following sections:

1.Cover sheet
2.Table of contents
3.Abstract (it may be partial abstract at this time)
4.Introduction to the topic
5.Rationale for choosing the topic
6.Literature review so far which will allow you to know who has done what in the area of your chosen topic
7.How your research will add value to the existing information in the subject area
8.Other topics (data collection, data analysis, variables, etc.) that would be important parts of your research study

GRAD 695 : Research And Writing

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