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This paper is basically the bibliography page of the grant funding request paper that we are going to write. So all I need is a bibliography page right now.
You will submit a Bibliography (in MLA format) that contains at least 12 high-quality sources you plan to use on your Grant Funding Request assignment. I will review your Bibliography submission and approve your sources.
Submit a bibliography of at least 12 trustworthy sources you plan to use and reference in your Grant Requesting Funding and Grant Proposal. Before you submit, check that:
Your bibligraphy contains at least 12 sources.
These sources are listed in alphabetical order.
Your bibliography and citations are in MLA format.
12 pt., Times New Roman, double-spaced
For the purposes of this assignment, you will identify a need in one of the areas listed below. This means that you will need to determine (1) what the problem is and (2) draft a feasible solution for the problem. This solution will be incorporated as part of your Grant Requesting Funding, which you will direct to an appropriate governing body. Because this topic will carry through to the Grant Proposal Assignment due at the end of the semester, it is very important that you select a topic in which you are interested:
Identify a need in the (WICHITA STATE UNIVERSITY) campus community and draft a Grant Requesting Funding that funds a solution to this need/problem. You will need a proposed budget, a breakdown of that budget into sections, and a discussion of the planning and logistics of executing your project via research, facts, and logic. you’ll need to know the funds available from the University for a grant-based project like this, and you should be able to create a proposal based around that known funding.
Proposal to build a WSU Soccer stadium and indoor training facility
Proposal to bring back WSU Football/Football scholarship program
Proposal to build a 3-story parking garage on campus
Identify a need in your city (WICHITA,KANSAS) and draft a Grant Requesting Funding that funds a solution to this need/problem. Again, you will need to know the city’s budgets and ability to reasonably support the project monetarily within the community and how it can logically be accomplished.
Proposal to provide Apple MacBooks to Wichita USD 259 students (Grades K-12)
Proposal to renovate Wichita City Hall (new flooring, piping, wiring, etc.)
Proposal to build a new “Kansas Center for Arts and Writing” in Topeka
Proposal to create/bring an NBA/NHL/NFL team to Wichita
Proposal to convert all Wichita City Buses to biodiesel or natural gas
Identify a need in your own personal community(WHITEWATER, KANSAS) and draft a Grant Requesting Funding that funds a solution to this need/problem. This gives you a much wider field of selection for your chosen project, but it also makes it harder to research and harder to implement your plans under a feasible budget. You will have to take many more outside factors into consideration–political, social, environmental, etc. You will also need to consider Kansas’s sever debt crisis. Would the state be able to find funding to support your project?
Now that you have identified a need, it’s time to construct a financial plan to solve for that need. This will require you to ask quite a few questions and do a variety of research to find an answer. There is no right or wrong answer in this situation. How “correct” your plan is will be based on the quality of research you do and how dedicated you are to keep costs low while providing a quality solution. Since I can’t tell you exactly how to go about finding your answer, let’s use an example to illustrate how you might begin solving for your need.
Let’s consider the proposal “Proposal to Build a WSU Soccer Stadium and Indoor Training Facility.” Here are some starter questions and considerations for any project:
To build a soccer stadium, you’d have to research the minimal costs of building a small stadium and training facility
Where are you considering building this facility? What are the land/permit costs?
Are there other schools in the area that have completed a similar project? Do they have a record of the project?
Would this plan move in phases? (First the stadium THEN the training facility?) Is this option more financially viable?
What construction company would provide the best deal? Does WSU have a history with a certain company that may be more willing to strike a deal?
What is the best option for funding?
Fundraising? Alumni Association? Shocker Athletics?
Government funding?
Raising the cost of tuition, parking passes, fees, etc.?
Grants? Donations?
The City of Wichita? Could we house a minor-league team there that could also use the facilities?
Could you charge local programs admission to host games, camps, etc.?
What are some downfalls to the project? How will you overcome these?
Are there any hardships that would befall the WSU community to construct it? (Consider how the construction of the new dorm on WSU’s Main Campus on what used to be a large parking lot hurt commuter students and faculty and staff.)
Could you get the students and general public interested in attending games? How have other soccer teams in the area boosted attendance?
Would creating additional scholarship opportunities hurt or help WSU?
Have alternative plans been proposed by other groups in the past? (You should always address alternative plans and explain how your project improves upon their failures. Learn from previous mistakes!)
Has Wichita State already considered a field/training facility for a soccer team? Why was this idea rejected? How does your plan overcome these obstacles?
How does your plan improve cost efficiency?
Has the City of Wichita expressed a desire for a minor-league team? Are they already pursuing a project like this? Could you join forces?
What is your time frame/workforce for this project?
When would this project begin/end?
What time of the year would the project take place? Would it extend over the course of a full year? Would the project move in phases?
What company(ies) are you interested in hiring for this project? Why are they the best option? What makes them faster, more cost effective, higher quality, etc.?
Who will maintain and work in these facilities after they are constructed? Remember, this is not just a construction project, this is a proposal for a lasting change.

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