Hae Kyung Lee and Dancers

This dance performance that we went to see took place at the University Theater Box. I think this was a great performance, it was fun, and interesting. In addition to the content of the performance, I think, the dancers did a wonderful job. I noticed that every movement of the dances had some passion.
The title of this dance performance was “Hae Kyung Lee and Dancers”, I think this title was used for this performance because Hae Kyung Lee is the artist director who founded the choreographer of “Hae Kyung Lee and Dancers”. I think the genre of this performance was “spiritual” because with the movement of the dancers they expressed human existence. The theme of this dance performance was to let the audience know that humans are precious; also, humans are distinct from one another, but we are all beautiful. There was no main character in the dance performance, in contrast , I think every person who danced formed the main characters because every person who danced gave us a massage. I think the goal of this dance performance was to encourage people to be proud of oneself, because every individual is precious.
The director did have a concept for this production. The concept for this production was that “Using the human body as expression with language of dance movement”. I do agree with the interpretation of the director because I think that humans can express emotions, feeling, and ideologies with the movement of our bodies. I think every part of our body has the ability to express certain things. For example, the hands, I noticed the dancers used their hands frequently, they would form all kinds of movements and shapes with their hands. I think every part of our body is very useful for expressions, but the hands and facial expressions are more useful because they can create expressions, change expression, and express freely.
Regarding the design elements used in the performance, I think those elements…

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