Health Issues for People with Disabilities

Topic: Health Issues for People with Disabilities

The World Health Organization considers disability a general term that encompasses varying terminologies and meanings. Disability is an umbrella that covers individual’s impairments, their limitation to performing certain activities and restriction in performance or participation (Marks, 2005). Impairment is a terminology that describes a hassle in the functioning of the body or its structure. Limitation in activity describes the hardships a person undergoes thus being excluded from executing certain chores while restriction in performance is the trouble experienced involving a person’s participation in the daily activities of life. From this, it is clear that disability is a phenomenon that is complex thus reflecting the individual’s interaction with the body and with the features of the society that she or he occupies (Gesler & Kearns, 2002).

One can also be considered disable regarding to a past impairment suffered as opposed to a group’s norms. Examples of these impairments include mental disorders, disorders in development of individuals and other chronic diseases that may qualify to be termed disabilities. Autism and deafness are some of the conditions that objected by various advocates from being termed to as disabilities. These advocates suggest that they should be considered as differences in development that have received unfair treatment from the society. Those considered disabled are either born with the disabilities or the disabilities may arise during ones lifetime. Those suffering from disabilities have often resisted the term handicap because they consider the term to have initially referred to those who could not be able to work totally and all they could do is go and beg using their caps in hand (Hughes. et al. 2003).


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