Health Perception and Management History

Health Perception and Management History

Comprehensive Screening and History for Anna Nicole

            Generally, I have poor health due to my low blood glucagon that has led to development of diabetes insipidus. I have low immunity and have been having constant colds especially in the mornings and evenings. According to the school register I have missed school for a total of 150 days as to date this year. To keep healthy, I need to cut on my use of sugar. I also have to exercise a lot and be keen to avoid sugary food in my dietary intake. I do not smoke nor take alcohol. I have never abused drugs. My last breast examination showed normal but shrunk breast stroma. My diabetic state causes me to experience polyuria. I also have been having accidents of wetting myself both in high school and college. This has been related to my urethral sphincter dysfunction. Doctors have been suggesting an increase in my intake of salts and synthetic glucagon but I react with most of the prescribed drugs.

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