Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on ( individual Posters ) for my project. It needs to be at least 1000 words.Download file to see previous pages… Each poster must include: a. Custo

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on ( individual Posters ) for my project. It needs to be at least 1000 words.

Download file to see previous pages…

Each poster must include: a. Customer Service and Demand Management The products of Al Ain mineral water organization is not without competition. Thus, to remain competitive in the market, Al Ain must also extend exceptional customer service in addition to the high quality and ready availability of their products. The demand side of the product is constant since water is an inelastic demand. It meant that the product that of Al Ain will always have a demand regardless of market condition because the market or its customers cannot live without water. It does not mean however that the company should be complacent in meeting this demand because if Al Ain fails to deliver its product, the competition will instead take its place and that would mean lost business for the company and will erode its market share. Demand management and customer service must come together to keep Al Ain relevant in the market. This means that Al Ain must have enough products to satisfy the customers while providing its customers with exceptional customer service to encourage loyalty to their brand. b. Inventory Management Al Ain mineral products must be readily available to the customers through its effective supply chain. It is not enough that the company has a good product but also has to ensure that their products reach the customer by keeping sufficient inventory to match the demand. But in doing so, it must not also overwhelm its inventory because large inventory will incur additional holding cost. In the case of Al Ain, they manage the number of inventory by matching the holding cost that will be incurred by stocking up with the ordering cost to determine the ideal quantity of their inventory. The ideal number of inventory must be enough to satisfy the anticipated demand without keeping too many products in the inventory. By maintaining an effective inventory management, Al Ain also reduces other costs such as unnecessary transportation cost and holding cost. It is important to note that the life cycle of Al Ain’s products is less than 6 weeks so the company places its reorder in the fifth week to avoid selling spoiled products to the customers. c. Sourcing and Supply Management Supply management includes those processes which involve manufacturing the product to delivering it in the market which in the case of Al Ain mineral products, procurement of the water from the mountains and the fruits for its Capri Sun fruit drink. The bottled mineral water product lines have a straightforward procurement system because they not have to deal with a third party vendor since water is a product and fruits are products of nature. These resources must be use at its optimum to create a product that will bring optimum profit to the organization. It could also add value in the process such as the inclusion of flavoured water and added fluoride and calcium water in its product line not just to offer variety to its customers but also to optimize the products that can be made with the available supply. The life cycle of these stocks is not more than 6 weeks (Shauter &amp. Theillio, 2006). In the fifth week of the inventory cycle the organization used to place reorder in order to utilize the time of distribution. The reason why a reorder has to be made in the fifth week as part of supply management to ensure that there will be available products when customer needs it without overwhelming its inventory.

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