Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Pharmacy School Admission. It needs to be at least 750 words.Download file to see previous pages… I have diligently studies about several drugs a

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Pharmacy School Admission. It needs to be at least 750 words.

Download file to see previous pages…

I have diligently studies about several drugs and how they work in a human body, my inclination towards Pharmacy began in my early years, I have learned a lot from my parents who were also Pharmacists’. A Pharmacist should be an understanding and emphatic person, it is very important to understand what others are going through, without this understanding it is quite hard to become an accomplished Pharmacist. It used to be a joy to watch my parents interact with patients. it was also a very useful learning experience. I was very certain that a career in Pharmacy would be an ideal one for me and I have been working very hard to accomplish the same. Some students in my class used to shy away from subjects like Mathematics and Chemistry but I was unlike them and I knew that a Pharmacist should have a good background in subjects like Mathematics and Chemistry. My keen interest in Chemistry is a very big boon for me, it is very important for a pharmacist to understand how certain drugs work on a human body and knowledge of chemistry is necessary. I have always been good at mathematics also. It will help me in determining the right dosage for client which is again very important. Growing up in Vietnam was anything but easy, pain and suffering is quite common in the country. Seeing my parents acclimatize with the surroundings was an inspiration, I was convinced that the tough times were preparing me for the future. I am completely aware of the fact that the career path of a Pharmacist is full of responsibilities and I have been very responsible from a very age, thanks once again to my parents who taught me how wonderful a career pharmacy can be. Pharmacists work very close with other health professionals and this integration is very good for the society, this partnership can help many a people who are suffering and do not know how to overcome their suffering. The recent financial crisis has hit the world very hard, hundreds of thousands of people were sacked while many others had to take a pay cut but pharmacy is one field which is recruiting more and more people because of its demand, this is a very encouraging sign for budding pharmacists. I strive for a stable career and this is one career which is extremely stable, I am completely aware of the fact that it comes with many challenges and I am very confident that I can overcome all those challenges and do very well in this profession. Pharmacy presents myriad work opportunities, there are jobs on hospitals, there are retail jobs, there are positions in research and marketing and there are a plethora of other opportunities, this is exactly what my definition of a dream job is, with so many opportunities one can hardly put a foot wrong in this profession. It is very important to establish a rapport with the patients and an affable person can do this very easily, I am an affable person who can be approached easily, I have often gone that extra mile to help others something which the profession of my parents has always taught me. A pharmacist should be very good at dealing with people, you are going to meet so many new people each day, I am very good meeting and dealing with new people. I remember helping my parents out in Vietnam, the others always used to praise me for lending a helping hand to my parents.

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