Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Process Mapping. It needs to be at least 1500 words.Download file to see previous pages… The output to this process might be patient is referred

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Process Mapping. It needs to be at least 1500 words.

Download file to see previous pages…

The output to this process might be patient is referred to any specialist doctor or diagnosed or treated. The services or care for time, diagnosis, treatments have to be managed by the individual doctor (health care provider) for converting input into output. In the large care facility or hospital, the processes are quite different and integrated. The health care delivery process can be explicitly shown as model developed by Roth (1993) (fig1 Appendix). Process mapping developed by an engineer, Frank Gilbert in early 20th century has been frequently used in the field of engineering and other industries for the last five or six decades, it is only during the 1980s health care providers in the USA began to develop the process mapping/pathway tool in ‘Managed Care’. Scope and Objective of Process Mapping It is one of the most effective ways to understand the real issues from the patient’s perspective, and to recognize opportunities for improvement. Finally, the only person who experiences the whole journey is the patient. Process mapping helps perceive accurately in making decisions and understanding based on ground reality rather than the preconceived ideas of how the service works. The field of vision of the management in a medical condition or treatment is divided into a series of sequential events, for instance, activities, interventions, or personnel involvement. The series of these events between two stages (from admission to the critical care facility to release from the hospital room) can be viewed as a patient pathway or process of care. Changing and correcting measures of the process mapping/patient pathway involve immaculate coordinated application of multidisciplinary practices to boost medical efficacy and efficiency by excluding ineffective and unnecessary steps. The resulting data by process mapping can be used to redesign the patient pathway, improving the quality and efficiency of patient management. Reviewing the care process, patient pathway is highly recommended and beneficial that should include measures to improve patients’ satisfaction or quality or cost of a particular medical service. It is imperative to emphasize that process mapping is all about doing something better than previous attempts to really understand the patient’s experience at various steps of their journey, and there is no way to find fault with. Organizing a Process Mapping Activity A process mapping operation should be a gratifying and creative experience for involved personnel. It requires a planned and coordinated approach, as even the simple and straightforward patient journeys can be tortuous, with many entangled events. Elements in developing patient/process pathways can be depicted as follow: Choosing a clinical area to be considered for the exercise of care mapping: Selecting any important area of practice/activity should be the first stage to start with. Then every possible step should be structured by drafting the whole process pathway by having written record, drawing and diagram. Senior management and clinical staff must share and agree on the objective and scope. The strategic decision is imperative, which ensures that the whole team works towards a defined goal. To begin the process, it is desirable to have a team of four or five key persons, preferably, including someone with exposure or experience of lean thinking transformation with a plan for the project and its scope in place as envisaged in a flow diagram (fig2 Appendix).

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