Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Profile of an Organisation (Hilton Hotels. It needs to be at least 1500 words.Download file to see previous pages… 1). In 2010, Hilton WorldWide

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Profile of an Organisation (Hilton Hotels. It needs to be at least 1500 words.

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1). In 2010, Hilton WorldWide earned well over $13 billion from it various activities (Hilton Management Services, par. 1). This paper discusses the Hilton Hotels brand with an aim of establishing a clear profile of the business. Conrad Hilton as an Entrepreneur An entrepreneur is a person who innovates or introduces new things with an aim of making a profit. Many analysts agree that many entrepreneurs share certain common characteristics. For one, entrepreneurs are disciplined. In this respect, they make strategies and define ways through which to achieve their goals. Yet again, entrepreneurs are open minded and see business opportunities where others see hurdles. This trait is seen in Hilton’s life when he buys his first hotel after realising that the hotel has great potential going by his experience. he had tried to book a room in the Mobley Hotel in vain for the high demand at the time (woopidoo n.d., par. 6). They are also ready to take risks as they focus on the goals that they have set. One important characteristic of successful entrepreneurs is that they are self starters. In connection to this characteristic, the entrepreneurs believe in the fact that if something ought to be done, it is they that must initiate action. In other words, they are proactive and will go at great length to ensure that they succeed without seeking the approval of other people. Hilton is seen to be a self starter in many occasions. Without seeking anyone’s approval, he established a bank and bought his first hotel and worked his way to success. Hilton as an entrepreneur was keen to analyse the business environment before making important decisions. Before the First World War, Hilton had raised 3,000 USD of which he established a bank (woopidoo n.d., par. 8). When the country entered the war, he decided to sell the bank considering the possible negative impacts of the war on the business. Hilton, an American entrepreneur, was a hard working person going by his accomplishments. During his younger days, Conrad helped his father in his business endeavours. At the tender age of 21, Hilton was already confidently managing his father’s store and enjoying a share of the profits (woopidoo n.d., par. 4). In spite of the fact that he was earning a lot of cash for himself, he felt that he needed to be autonomous. Later, he established and managed his own businesses before venturing into the hotel industry. Many of the hotels and resorts that form Hilton Worldwide’s portfolio were bought by Hilton in his lifetime. Some of the hotels that he bought include the Mobley Hotel and the Statler Hotel chain (Hilton, 1957, p. 17) Marketing Strategies Used By the Organisation The success of Hilton Hotels brand is a product of several factors. For one, the company’s marketing strategy is unique in many ways and has seen the organization expand and reach greater heights. In 2005, the Hilton Hotel Corporation emerged winner of the Best Customer Focus award – an award given by the UK National Business Award. From this achievement, it is worth noting the amount of focus that the brand puts on customer satisfaction. According to Mike Ashton, a senior Officer of the company, the philosophy of equilibrium greatly impacts how the organization operates and how it relates with customers.

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