Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on The Public Needs to Know. It needs to be at least 1000 words.Download file to see previous pages… More essentially, health and nutrition is a rem

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on The Public Needs to Know. It needs to be at least 1000 words.

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More essentially, health and nutrition is a remarkable topic for children because of their growth. Recently, the school made changes to the breakfast and lunch programs to improve nutrition and health mainly because of its importance to the children`s growth, economic situation, special needs of the children, process and the benefits of the program. The recent economic trends all over the world have not been friendly or up to people`s expectations. The economic recession and downfall has seen many people struggling to provide basic needs for their families while at the same time affording other secondary needs that include leisure activities. Despite the negative economic changes, people must continue living and catering for the basic needs of which education, health and nutrition are included (Marotz, 2011). This means that whatever the case, people must be healthy and take proper nutrition to survive. Despite the economic situation, the school has endeavored to provide a balanced diet for children so that learning can take place effectively the same way their growth and development can. In this manner therefore, the school decided to change the breakfast and lunch program for the schoolchildren to fit the economic hardship while maintain the health of the children in the best way possible. The expensive foodstuff was reduced by substituting them with foods with the same nutrients but at a lower cost. For example for breakfast, the school substituted manufactured cereals with a muffin and a glass of milk for every child (Dalton, 2005). This was also added with fruits. For lunch, the school substituted processed juices with fruits while maintain the normal diet (Marotz, 2011). Schoolchildren eating a healthy meal In the change of the breakfast and lunch programs, the school took into account the special needs of the children. As it is clear, not all persons take the same type of diet because of bodily issues and medicinal concerns. This program is meant for children roughly between four years and twelve years. The school put this into consideration and took care of all special needs of the children (Marotz, 2011). The children are at a very delicate but essential part of their lives. This is a special need because their bodies are at growing and development stage. Any interference or inadequate feeding means that their growth and development will be impaired and stunted. Children naturally prefer foods that they enjoy most. Therefore, it is essential to make healthy food choices appealing. Children also imitate their caregivers. Therefore, they require caregivers who act as role models by eating healthy. Children with medical problems were also catered for in the change. This means that the school introduced a wide variety of diet for children because of their special nutritional and developmental needs, which include medicinal and health related issues. This was aimed at helping children grow and develop and at the same time enjoy learning (Marotz, 2011). A child eating an excessive fatty food Another most important area that was featured in the recent changes in breakfast and lunch program changes to improve nutrition and health is process (Shilstone, 2009). Process in this case all the considerations that were looked into before the changes were made. For example, the school had to take a survey of the children`s needs, age, health and medicinal requirements before the change was made.

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