Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Today’s digital media impact on young people of America. It needs to be at least 750 words.Download file to see previous pages… Furthermore, nume

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Today’s digital media impact on young people of America. It needs to be at least 750 words.

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Furthermore, numerous young Americans are multitasking, whereby they can be surfing the internet and listening to their favorite music at the same time, thus leading to consuming an average of eleven hours in media content and a minimum of seven hours. Enables Young People to Gain Technological Skills and Literacy Digital media has made a substantial contribution to inclusion of young American into the globalization which is knowledge based. Moreover, there is a substantial difference in the skills required during the past and present in order to foster success. Nevertheless, there are no clarified definitions by policy makers in America regarding education in the digital age, which can contribute to full realization of educational opportunities available for young Americans during the modern world. Furthermore, there are technological and literacy skills that are offered by educators through integration of digital media with the mainstream of the school curriculum, instructions and assessment (Gee, 33). Therefore, digital media have been used as a way of fostering engagement in personalization of leaning for the young Americans in order to facilitate high academic performance. In this case, relevant application of technology can has offer technological and literacy skills that enable children to learn more and provide a basis for assessment though conventional tests. In addition, digital media offers a platform to young Americans to facilitate informed decision making through application of meaningful information that alter the learning opportunities. Consequently, these opportunities are translated into personalized learning, which is the focus on availability of feedback to both students and teacher. Offers New Standard for Communication, Socializing, Interacting Digital media facilitates engagement of young Americans into full-time intimate communities, whereby they have a chance to communicate through various electronic devices such as mobile phones and computers (Tamar, 1). In fact, young American have been using new media to socialize and interact, by exploring romantic relationship and other casual interaction ensuring no problems in a situation where the other parties is not interested in an intimate relationship. Therefore, there is ambiguity associated with online socializing, whereby numerous young people are able to shift to an era of exploring in the process of seeking information from the internet. There are ways though which young Americans use digital media to probe into a certain area of interest, whereby they use the interactions consisting of online interest group. In addition, the digital media facilitate a degree of autonomy and freedom for the young Americans, which is less perceptible in a classroom. In this way, the young Americans are able to respect the authority of each other. thereby remaining motivated to learn from peer groups. Fosters a Generation that is Thinking “global” Young Americans are living in a world of globalized media, and there are numerous complexities involved, whereby the young people are able to access globalize media through various forms of technologies. Nevertheless, there are challenges faces in the process of developing theoretical and methodological assumptions concerning research on youth, culture, learning and the use of digital media.

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