Hi, I need help with essay on Answer the questions based on ford company. Paper must be at least 2000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!Download file to see previous pages… a. Among all the functio

Hi, I need help with essay on Answer the questions based on ford company. Paper must be at least 2000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Download file to see previous pages…

a. Among all the functional divisions of Ford, the operations division has been facing a burning issue of meeting the order demands of customers. Due to high customer demands, the company is facing a problem of production incapacity. High demand for car models, like Focus and Fusion, has increased rapidly since 2006. Aside from production incapacity, the company has also been in short supply of production workers that will aid in the manufacture of cars (Nair), which concerns the human and resource division of the company. i. The two functional areas to be discussed further below are operations and human resources. 1. For 2014 the essential goal for operations is to meet the high demand of customers while human resources aim to employ 12,000 people to its production area. 2. To fulfill the operations’ goal of meeting the high demand for cars in the market, it needs to invest more in procuring physical resources like machines and equipment to make the production of cars more faster. It needs to add more production lines in its factories and rent more space to shelter all additional equipment and production lines that can no longer fit in the usual factories of the company. More people have to be employed, as well in order to operate all these new machines and work in new production lines to produce more cars in the market. Most importantly, the company has to invest more capital to have all these recommendations to be fully realized. On the other hand, the human resources’ goals of employing more workers need financial resources to materialize its activities in hiring more jobs in the company. To disseminate this job hiring information to qualified individuals, the human resource division has to use physical resources like information technology, in posting jobs online and use other means like newspapers and television. 3. The success of the operational strategy can be measured in a way wherein at the year end of 2014, the company has increased its productivity and revenues. If more cars are sold in the market, it means that more cars are produced in the market to meet its high demand. It can also be determined through the number of output produced periodically. If there is an increase in output produced then it implies that the company has been at level with the demand in the market. On the other hand, the realization of the human resource management strategy can be measured through the increase in the number of employees hired. 2. On Strategy Implementation A way refers to any method or manner of performing anything (“Way”). Winning is title of the book on management, which Jack Welch, former Chief Executive Officer of General electric (GE) published, and co-written with Suzy Welch in 2005 (“About the Book”). A good strategy pertains to an effective action plan developed to attain a long-term goal (Rumelt 1). a. Jack Welch, has build the reputation of Six Sigma as an effective business strategy in improving the operations of a company (Eckes 15). To someone like Welch, Six Sigma means an improvement tool that helps a company gain competitive advantage by continuously looking for ways in improving existing processes. He also believes that Six Sigma can aid the company gain operational efficiency, high productivity, and minimize costs.

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