Hi, I need help with essay on Asthma management and Nutrition Supplementing. Paper must be at least 2500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!Download file to see previous pages… Due to these signific

Hi, I need help with essay on Asthma management and Nutrition Supplementing. Paper must be at least 2500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Download file to see previous pages…

Due to these significant statistics, researchers consider it a serious problem regarding public health, and invest heavily in studying its management. Scientists have studied this disease in detail, paying special attention to the characteristics that predispose one to developing asthma, the lifestyle that makes one increasingly vulnerable to developing this disease and the various manners of managing the disease so that it does not cause the patient too much suffering. Each of these aspects is vital to consider if one wishes to develop a thorough understanding of asthma management and nutrition supplementing. Due to this reason, there is a wide array of research available regarding the management and prevention of asthma, dealing with nutritional aids, nutrient supplements, as well as medications. One group of researchers highlights the significance of first studying in detail, the causes of asthma, and the problems that it causes in a person’s respiratory system. This is a vital point because it furthers one’s knowledge of which physiological aspects the administered medication should aim to control or fix. Their paper goes on to discuss how the cause of asthma is the inflammation of a person’s respiratory system, and how it is due to dysfunctional immune system reactions and irregular airway obstructions. While genetics have some influence in a person’s vulnerability to developing this disease, these researchers consider it more likely to be a cause of changing lifestyles. They cite evidence for this in the fact that amongst the countries that have been experiencing the highest rate of increase in the prevalence of the disease, are developed countries such as the United States and countries within the United Kingdom, each of which have also experienced increases in obesity of the population. Furthermore, these researchers cite different authors who have previously explored the relationship of diet and asthma. They present strong evidence, based on the work of multiple researchers. about how there are three main nutrients that influence the development of asthma. These three nutrients are vitamin D, polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUF), and antioxidants (including vitamin A, C, E, selenium, and foods with a high amount of antioxidants) (Allan &amp. Devereux, 2011). These findings have important implications for the management of asthma prevention through nutrient supplementation, since they provide a direct link between physiological deficiencies and the development of this disease.

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