Hi, I need help with essay on Celebrity culture. Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!Download file to see previous pages… Here the concept of becoming an icon or even any

Hi, I need help with essay on Celebrity culture. Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Download file to see previous pages…

Here the concept of becoming an icon or even any mythical quotable legend arises. In modern world, business has surfaced that makes use of the same concept in marketing, selling, propagating of concepts, methods, trends and preferences. To get into the rudimentary details of what has been happening around one has to grasp the concept of celebrity culture. This culture refers to the popularizing of certain people or group that have certain attributes considered exceptional. These attributes, during the last decade were compulsorily entailed characteristics and dispositions like virtue, abilities, decency and intelligence. Today this culture has become a mix of positive and negative sides like fame and infamy. It is important to idealize the concept of celebrity culture before getting into the details. People today have a great latitude and capacity to sway in accordance with their desires. Albert Einstein, Galileo, Stephen Hawking and so forth, provide examples of those who worked had to enlighten the world with the jewels of science. They earned a genuine value for becoming a celebrity. But, an important thing here is the mentioning of people who earn such status with the help of infamy. They are being accused of promoting sex, drugs, crimes and such abnormal antisocial activities to become a celebrity. Role of media, that is actually the vehicle of this culture, is being accentuated. The celebrity culture is not new. In olden times, lords and kings used their resources to make them a god-like figure. In the case of pharaohs we see the same culture that had them build massive structures and great social influence on the lives of their subject. Herostratus, a Greek figure, in 665 BC burnt the temple of Artemis in a bid to become popular. This move of his was a typical attention pulling and heroism oriented. Later, his name was taken surreptitiously rather than openly by the youth due to governmental decree. This shows that the phenomenon that drives the celebrity culture is not modern. We see that virtuous and pious people as the holy Abrahamic books reveal about, were such celebrated characters and personalities that are even revered in their posterity. The case of the death of Socrates is known to all and he has posthumously been venerated a lot among great men. In this culture people strive for achieving a status by the dint of their intellect and other abilities, some make use of vicious methods like dating with rich or daring in a reality TV for such fame. Thus it is point to ponder that this culture has made lives superficial and eccentric behaviours are seen. Some say that bizarre behaviour can bring a lot of attention and fame for being heretic or norm breaker. We see that religious books are replete with histories of people who achieve posthumous fame. Stories of Pharaohs and tyrants are told in a lot more number causing them to become a mythical creature. Another aspect of celebrity culture is that it causes a change in disposition of the audience as far as their living and behaviours are concerned. People try to seek ways that can bring fame to them and they adopt ways of those people who are their celebrities. We see that today many crimes related to getting rich through easy way, being popular in a little time are often attributed to these desires.

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