Hi, I need help with essay on Cpca comunication phenomenon and concept or artifact. Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!Download file to see previous pages… The girls are s

Hi, I need help with essay on Cpca comunication phenomenon and concept or artifact. Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Download file to see previous pages…

The girls are shown either walking leisurely along the beaches or swimming in the waters in a manner that highlights their beauty and the serenity of the environment. In some sense, the advert reinforces the notion and stereotype of slimness and feminine beauty. This Paper will discuss the impact of swimsuit video advertisements of female audiences. The message in the video CPCA is anchored in the flow of images, which keep shifting in rapid succession. There is no use of language such that only a mellifluous melody accompanies the images. The melody is enhances the aesthetic elements of the other features in the video advert in a way that increases the visual rhetoric of the CPCA. The bright yellow, pink, and purple colors are effectively used to attract the female audiences, who comprise the primary targets of the advertisement. The images in motion effectively bring out the beauty in diverse dimensions in a way that enabled the viewer to appreciate the many different aspects of the swimsuit. By involving models from various continents, the advert aims to give a universal quality to the message of beauty as represented in the image of the swimsuit. The theories of constructivism and symbolic interactionism as developed by Jesse Delia and George Herbert Mead respectively could be used to apply explain the meaning of this CPCA. Delia in his theory of constructivism argues that individuals whose perceptions of others are more cognitively complex will tend to have the mental capacity for constructing sophisticated message plans, which pursue multiple goals(Griffin 97). According to the theory, such individuals will possess the capacity to supply person-centered messages, which conform to the outcomes they desire (Griffin 97). This theory could be seen within the context of socio-psychological traditions. It could also be explained within the rhetorical traditions (Griffin 97). When applied to the swimsuit advert CPCA, it might be argued that the video was specifically tailored to suit the complex cognitive abilities of the urban young women. At the psychological and rhetoric level, the CPCA has subtle and subliminal influences that would influence the targeted audience to pursue the items and meanings used in the advert. On the other hand, the theory of symbolic interactionism holds that the actions of individuals towards people, events, or things, is largely determined by the meanings that they assign to such things (Griffin 59). When people choose to define certain situations are being real, then the consequences also become real (Griffin 59). The theory foregrounds the aspect of language as central to thought, sense of self, and the socializing presence of society in the individual (Griffin 59). Basing on the identified CPCA the target audience will connect the meaning of the advert with the notions of slimness, which they assign to beauty. At the psychological level, they will strive to imitate the models in the video as the embodiment of beauty due to the cultural and social associations they assign to them. The identified CPCA helps in the understanding of the constructivism theory and the theory of symbolic interactionism because it highlights on the value of images in promoting meaning and reactions in the target audience.

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