Hi, I need help with essay on Group Dynamics. Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!Download file to see previous pages… The objective of this paper is to identify an organi

Hi, I need help with essay on Group Dynamics. Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Download file to see previous pages…

The objective of this paper is to identify an organizational group and analyze the group dynamics of it. Further, the paper describes the selected group and its demographic nature. To achieve certain goals organizations formulate small groups, with employees of the same organization to work together as a team. The behavior of group members effect the development of organization, positive attitudes would reflect positive effects on the success graph of organization and vice versa. To conclude, group dynamics is an important development in the study of Psychology, it explains how and why human behavior changes in different situations. Introduction To begin with group dynamics is referred to as a set of behaviors and functions carried on by a set of people. These people are grouped together to perform a certain task to achieve personal, social or organizational goals. In simple words, group dynamics is simply a team work or team effort. Strength of a society is derived from effective functioning of groups. Each unit of the society has to perform their functions well to gain success. GROUP FORMATION A group is a collection of people, who interact with each other and have common identity. An organization is a compilation of several departments and sections. To carry on all the departments together, every department has a manager for decision making purpose. In this paper, we are analyzing an organization that formulates groups to launch their new product in the market. It’s not only the production that is given high importance but to make both the ends meet a manager or leader has to divide the workers in groups to attain the best result from all its workers. The group was formed by the marketing manager, irrespective of the gender of employees. Such group-making not only help in division of work load, on the other hand, it makes the task simplified. The purpose of this group formation is to work on the marketing strategies and guide the production department to incorporate the best ingredients for a good-quality product. The group formed consists of different employees carrying similar educational qualifications. So that no one feels as odd one out. While forming a group and assigning them any task, it is first necessary to choose the members of the group. Irrespective of the gender of the employee, this group was formed for marketing a new product. A group is made up of people with different ideas and those who carry high motivation to fulfill their work. The group works over marketing policies and how the new product is to be launched. Along with this, the group members have to provide their best and avoid competition in the market. As the group is formed by a marketing manager, there won’t be any specific group leader. all the members have to report to the marketing manager for any sort of discussion or changes. Equal portion of work is assigned to each member, to avoid any misunderstanding. The main purpose behind group formation is to ease the working and specialization of tasks. In this way, the work is divided, it saves time and energy. Specialization of the work force takes place when specific workers are chosen for a particular task according to his or her ability. STAGES OF DEVELOPMENT Besides accomplishing the task all the group members have to interact with each other and develop a bond to overcome any chaos among them. In group dynamics formation and development of a group are most important. There are several theories that have described group development. Group dynamics is concerned with how and why groups develop. In a classical theory group, development is based on interaction, activities and sentiments. According to this theory, the groups develop positive or negative attitude towards each other on the basis of common interest of its group members. Whereas the social identity theory says that group development is the result of self-esteem, and individuals sense of identity and the group members are motivated by it.

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