Hi, I need help with essay on Human Resource Management: Johnson Memorial Medical Center. Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!Download file to see previous pages… A strate

Hi, I need help with essay on Human Resource Management: Johnson Memorial Medical Center. Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

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A strategy for integrating job performance and training in JMMC

Adoption of a performance culture would considerably enhance the hospital’s productivity. however, integrating the culture into the hospital’s activities is challenging hence demands a tactical scheme (Beckwith, 2003). Importantly, learning opportunities provided in a firm determine its output hence asserting the rationale of inviting extensive trainings (Fallon &amp. McConnell, 2007). Therefore, the subsequent is a scheme for integrating a performance and training plan in the center.

The initial stage entails understanding the nature or the scope of the firm’s activities. This involves using informative tools in examining the organization’s world, employees concerns and their daily pressures, service inputs and feedbacks schemes (Fallon &amp. McConnell, 2007). Consequently, the hospital should design training courses that respond to each of these factors. After designing an ideal scheme for facilitating performance and training, a performance support plan should be instituted. A support scheme would minimize the need for training by asserting vital information, availing performance aids and addressing minor issues.

Importantly, a support plan adopts the responsibility of checking and executing policies that mentors the performance (Flynn, 2004). Subsequently, the need be development of a community practice. an approach that communicates the need of augmenting the little performance realized to further improvements hence building a culture that values achievement. Additionally, the management may promote informal learning through social media by designing educative documentaries (Beckwith, 2003). A rational tactical skill for integrating learning is designing duties that lead to natural learning hence promoting a career-based learning environment (Fallon &amp. McConnell, 2007). This plan would integrate a performance and training culture in the Hospital effectively. however, the organization needs to examine the efficiency of the plan frequently. The Main Performance Management challenges Facing JMMC An apparent challenge undermining the Hospital’s activities is the lack of a standard tool for determining performance. Consequently, the management group engages in solemn disagreements while accessing employees’ efforts. The complexity of the matter emerges by the virtual that performance is associated with traits that are not in coherent with the Hospital’s objective (Flynn, 2004). The absence of communal measuring criteria leads to disputable decisions hence compromising performance management. Additionally, there is a problem of leaders defocus and sabotage. The hospital lacks tactical strategies that can keep leaders focused or address sabotage efficiently. Evidently, cases exist were leaders have ignorantly or deliberately deviated from the performance track. High performance is achievable though a long process hence focus is essential. Indeed, the process has smooth and rough moments.

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