Hi, I need help with essay on International Marketing Report. Paper must be at least 3000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!Download file to see previous pages… Sony is one of the leaders in the en

Hi, I need help with essay on International Marketing Report. Paper must be at least 3000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Download file to see previous pages…

Sony is one of the leaders in the entertainment industry as it manufactures entertainment gadgets like video games, televisions, and many more. According to Interbrand top a hundred Global Brands in the year 2011, Sony emerged position thirty-six among other a hundred brands. It is also among the top a hundred effectively managed companies across the business world (Koontz &amp. Weihrich, 2006:104). This was because of its renowned heritage of creativeness and innovativeness. Sony boasts of having products in the electronic, games, entertainment, and in the provision of financial service sectors. In this regard, this essay will delve on a critical analysis of Sony’s marketing mix across the international markets. Further, it will highlight the International Process Theory that correctly describes Sony’s internationalization with supportive evidence. Lastly, it will discuss the extent to which Sony’s company country of origin influences consumers’ perception of Sony’s products by giving proper justification. Sony and the marketing mix Marketing mix is a business-marketing tool, which encompasses the four Ps in the influencing of consumers towards accessing a company’s products and services for the attainment of its goals and objectives (Lamb et al, 2008:148). The four P’s are price, place, promotion, and product that when mixed reflect the nature of different services within a market. Sequentially, Sony Company has managed tot use this marketing tool in the diversification of its products and its price range to favor its consumer base. Additionally, Sony has capitalized on favorable places in which they distribute there products and have implemented various promotion strategies to increase awareness of its products to its target market. Product In essence, a product is anything presented to a market for the market to be aware of its existence, after which they will buy, and then use it to satisfy either a want or a need (Richter, 2012:29). A certain number of factors influence a products uptake within a market that may range from the brand name that a market associates its products to a number of others. In addition, the packing aspects of the products and the safety standards applied within the use of the product also influence the sale of products. Remarkably, the style, packaging, quality, and warranty associated with the product are attributes that also propagate a consumer towards buying of certain products within a market setting. For instance, consumers tend to access products from company’s who offer variety and improvement in the quality of already of already existing goods in a market. In this regard, Sony Company offers a number of products to the electronic, games and entertainment fields. For instance, the company manufactures television screens and projector, cameras, home theatre systems, computer hardware, mobile phones, and car entertainment devices. Additionally, Sony is a manufacturer of home recording devices, storage media, and charging devices. Ideally, Sony has further divided some of its products in to other sub categories especially on the television products. This has made the company able to service its market thorough the innovation of tailor made products that suit their various clients. These customers include households, offices, and public gatherings.

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