Hi, I need help with essay on Research Portfolio. Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!Download file to see previous pages… This signifies that for a similar product or ser

Hi, I need help with essay on Research Portfolio. Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Download file to see previous pages…

This signifies that for a similar product or service, if a firm contracts with the vendor for a specific volume because of rate fluctuations, then they will be paying extra. The customs duty structure is openly related to such rates that will have more impact (Taylor, 2004). Cash loss also enhances thereby damaging the working capital needs. In essence, this openly plunges the productivity of a business. Research Questions/Topics Some of the research questions that this paper seeks to answer include the causes, as well as effects of the global financial crisis (Evans &amp. Lyons, 2003). Such a topic is extremely important as the global financial crisis are considered to have been brought about by miscalculations in the foreign exchange market. Another research topic is the assessment of changing patterns of global comparative advantage along with its policy implications. The third question includes how major world exporters and importers are dealing with the issues affecting foreign exchange market. It would be interesting to know how major economies in the world are trying to deal with these issues affecting foreign exchange (Evans &amp. Lyons, 2003). Fourthly, another question includes factors leading to the exchange rate volatility in major world economies. Finally, the fifth question would be how the issues affecting the foreign exchange market affect trade, productivity and employment. Data Required This study will incorporate nations such as the United States, United Kingdom, China, Germany, Brazil and other key world traders. The paper selected these nations because they are the ones who are always on the media discussing the issues in the foreign exchange market. Also, major companies will also be incorporated in this study, such as car exporting firms and food importing firms among others and the sample size will be nearly 50 respondents. The study will take place over two months, and some of the variables that will be studied in the survey include causes, as well as effects of the issues in the foreign exchange market, who are being affected and what is being done to deal with these issues. Proposed Methodology The study on foreign-exchange intervention is all about empirical research. The paper includes a wide range of experimental techniques and strategies. The various methodologies presented diverse types of problems about which anybody evaluating this paper’s results should be mindful. It is vital to include both primary and secondary sources effectively to come up with the information of the topic (Lothian &amp. Dijk, 2006). Primary information could be gathered from business managers or owners of the business while secondary data could be gathered from already published sources of this topic. The overarching issue, which confronted this empirical survey, was the simultaneous determination of bureaucrat intervention, as well as exchange-rate changes. Since the study lacked an adequate amount of high frequency sources, I generally did not apply standard numerical techniques to this issue. Question 2 Overview Market structure indicators like the number of banks, as well as banking concentration, usually have been regarded as the main determinants of business rivalry in the banking sector. However, critics argue that these variables have no important impact on market power (Angelini &amp. Cetorelli, 2003).

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