Hi, I need help with essay on The Great Siege of Gibraltar 1779-1783. Paper must be at least 9000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!Download file to see previous pages… The battle tactics play a cr

Hi, I need help with essay on The Great Siege of Gibraltar 1779-1783. Paper must be at least 9000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Download file to see previous pages…

The battle tactics play a crucial role in enabling one side to win and other to get defeated, therefore for any army, it is essential to ponder in detail about the battle tactics to gain victory. British side used such battle tactics that made them accomplished while the battle tactics of French side were lacking due to which, they were defeated. In this paper, we will study the battle tactics of the Great Siege of Gibraltar in great detail as to find the reasons why the Great Siege of Gibraltar was unsuccessful. Background Gibraltar is an offshore territory of United Kingdom, which is located at the south of&nbsp.Spain and&nbsp.on the tip of the Iberian Peninsula. The name of&nbsp.Gibraltar in fact&nbsp.derives out from the Arabic&nbsp.Jabal-al-Tarik (mount of Tarik) since capture of peninsula by the leader of Arabic fighter troops Tarik (Falkner 68). Spain wanted to capture Gibraltar from Britain due to commerce reason between America and Europe. At the start of the dispute both side agreed upon signing an agreement with mutual understanding at Spanish royal palace. Britain foreign minister was also favouring peace full agreement between two nations but agreement was not approved by the British parliament. Both countries declared war on 23 October 1739, with each other just after the beginning of war of Jenkins’ Ear (Mann 214). Both sides decided to make trenches near the Gibraltar for gaining information about enemy. One squadron of Britain army was already stationed there. Britain ordered Admiral Vernon was ordered to sail from Portobello and join the squadron. Many years passed but hostilities did not break. King Phillip 5 of Spain died in 1746 and his successor again tried to negotiate the issue with Britain. British parliament showed seriousness in resolving the trade issues. British parliament also wanted to lift British embargo on Spain. Unfortunately, the king died and next king ever wanted negotiations with Britain (Mann 215). The new king signed family compact with the king of France in 1761. France was already at war with Britain in 1761. Because of this new development, Britain declared war with Spain and captured colonial capitals of Havana and Manila. Finally, Spain was able to get back the cities of manila and Havana in exchange of Florida that was captured by Spain. This agreement took place under a treaty in 1763, known as “treaty of Paris” (Falkner 73). Then the peaceful years started and both France and Spain decided to wait for favourable situation and launch attack on Britain for gaining the lost territories. After the outbreak of American war of independence, France and Spain supported American rebels to defeat Britain in that war. France and Spain signed a treaty in 1779 the treaty is known as treaty of Aranjuez. According to the treaty, both France and Spain will support each other for gaining their lost territories from Britain. Spain declared war on Britain in June 1779 and France also supported Spain to secure Gibraltar. Gibraltar was vital link in British control over the Mediterranean and wanted a quick capture of it for going on an all-out war against the Great Britain. The great siege of Gibraltar was among the longest sieges that are fought in the history of the world. France and Spain wanted to take hold of Gibraltar during the American War of Independence but their attempt remained unaccomplished.

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