Hi, I need help with essay on To bring Ski Dubai located in emirate mall to Kuwait in the avenues mall. Paper must be at least 3000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!Download file to see previous pag

Hi, I need help with essay on To bring Ski Dubai located in emirate mall to Kuwait in the avenues mall. Paper must be at least 3000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

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The expected Challenges of such an expansion. The international potential for growth expected from this expansion. A short list of recommendations for assimilation and growth of the business in Kuwait after this momentous shift from Dubai. Introduction The last few decades have seen a startling growth in the tourism industry across the globe, especially the Middle East, North Africa and Eastern Europe. (Steiner 2010) While the large European magnates has captured much of the rapidly expanding tourist business, the United Arabs Emirates are now in the running and quite in the process of creating a giant global tourist industry of its own. Stiff competitions still exist, of course, in the form of varied heritage tourist industries of The Nile Valley of Egypt and Petra of Jordan with their charming classical back-stories, it is nonetheless, evident that the exotic Eastern attractions are now much admired. The Eastern tourism industry is gradually coming into prominence through the sustained development and growth of the Sharm El- Sheikh resort of Egypt and the booming Emirates of Dubai. (Steiner 2010) Ski Dubai: an Overview of the Current Business of the State of Origin From the under developed “barren coastlands largely populated by nomadic tribes” of the 1960s, the United Arab Emirates have come a long way. (Henderson 2006) Dubai, particularly has shifted from being “one of the least developed countries of the world to being the central economic hub of the Middle Eastern tourism industry. (Sharpley 2008) Under the efforts and constant vigilance of the emir Mohammed al-Maktoum, Dubai has become “the global icon for of imagineered urbanism”. (Davies 2007) As countries come to clash over larger market shares, a competitive growth spurt becomes gradually and visibly evident in the global tourism market. (Gooroochurn, Guntur 2005) The tourism industry of Dubai has taken innovations to the next level by bringing forth the extremely inventive and equally lucrative concept of shopping tourism. Dubai and Kuwait both excel in their extensive shopping malls and retails chains sporting numerous global and international brands and thousands of varieties of products, making the United Arab Emirates a central shopping attraction all over the world. Dubai has even created shopping festivals and events to facilitate the growth of this exciting and exclusive brand of tourism industry. (Peter, Anandkumar 2011) Dubai is also unique in its innovative brand management. At the basic level it may be safely said, that Dubai has achieved a peculiar inventiveness of branding that is unmatched in other economic and business centers. Instead of focusing solely on the financial benefits and potential of its market or copying the advantages achieved by other competitive business rivals, Dubai has created innovative offers and goods to lure both investors and customers. It has made itself into a sparkling brand that promises both leisure and financial benefits. (Lee, Jain 2009) The success of Ski Dubai’s tourism business lies in the inventive combination of to extremely popular and attractive forms of tourism – shopping tourism and sports tourism. Located conveniently at the heart of Dubai’s largest retail center, Ski Dubai provides indoor skiing grounds, rings and resort facilities. It is a central part of Dubai’s leisure complex at the Mall of Emirates.

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