Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic The Prophet Muhammad.Download file to see previous pages… Muhammad’s Uncle took and grandfather took care of Muhammad. As a young child, Attwell

Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic The Prophet Muhammad.

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Muhammad’s Uncle took and grandfather took care of Muhammad. As a young child, Attwell insists that Muhammad usually suffered from seizure fits. During the fits, Muhammad mentioned receiving voices from heaven and heavenly visions (Attwell, 2007). Attwell prescribes some tribes described the young boy, Muhammad, as demon-possessed (2007). Growing up, Muhammad learned the teachings of the Jewish religion and the Christian Church. Consequently, some of the two religions’ teachings were incorporated in the Koran. The Koran teaches that Jesus Christ is a prophet, just like Moses. Growing up, Muhammad prayed to 350 various gods, including the Moon God, Al-lah. The author proposes that Muhammad’s knowledge of Jewish and Christian teachings of the Angel Gabriel visit (Attwell, 2007). Consequently, Prophet Muhammad espoused that Angel Gabriel visited him in Mount Hira, after marrying the 40 year old wealthy widow, Khadijah. Confused about receiving visions, Khadijah and his relatives convinced Muhammad that they were real visions. The author, insist that this situation casts doubts on authenticity as a prophet (Attwell, 2007). Gahl Eden Sasson insists Muhammad insists he quarreled with Angel Gabriel when he was instructed to recite and surrender to the will of God (2008). However, Angel Gabriel “the angel overwhelmed me in his embrace until he had reached the limits of my endurance. It took a bear hug and some wrestling moves o the part of the archangel to get the Aries (Muhammad) to submit to God’s will (Sasson, 2008 p.124).” Muhammad also mentions that he met Adam in the first heaven and Jesus and John the Baptist in the second heaven, when Angel Gabriel brought him to visit heaven (Spencer, 2007). In fact, Lionel Attwill’s biased resolution indicates Muhammad’s unstable and mentally disturbed condition, magnified by his continued fasting and meditation to receive visions is reminiscent of schizoid delusions (Attwell, 2007). The author insists that the scripture depicts Angel Gabriel as reassuring Mirriyam, mother of Yahsua by telling her “Hail, O woman richly blessed The Yahweh is with you. Do not be afraid for you have found favor with Yahweh” (Attwell, 2007. p. 260). The author insists that Angel Gabriel never hugged or squeeze the lady until she thought she was going to die and leaving her cold and doubting her vision and eager to take her own life, because of the Angel Gabriel visit. Being an illiterate all his life, the author insists that Muhammad did not write the Koran (Attwell, 2007). After Muhammad’s death, his followers wrote the Koran from memory and hearsay. The author further states that the Koran verse stating Muhammad was “escorted to the seven heavens on a white horse to the temple mount in Jerusalem is a myth without any evidence (Attwell, 2007, p.261)”. Likewise, the author insists that Muhammad assimilated prayer to Allah, the pagan religion’s moon god, into the Islam religion. The author further states that there is no record of Muhammad curing the sick, saving the sight of the blind people, casting out demons, or any other miracles, like the other prophets mentioned in Christian and Jewish scriptures, including Jesus and Moses. Further, Goldschmidt proposed Muhammad was a liar. Initially, he instructed all Muslims to avoid praying to idols or images. However, to gain the favor of the current Meccan leaders, Muhammad made a 180 degree religious policy shift.

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