Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic The use of emulsifiers in the food industry.Download file to see previous pages… In this paper, the need, use and importance of emulsifiers in food

Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic The use of emulsifiers in the food industry.

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In this paper, the need, use and importance of emulsifiers in food industry will be clearly depicted. The importance of emulsifiers in different food preparations will also be explained by examples. 2.0 Emulsifiers Emulsifiers are the chain of molecules which possess one water-loving i.e. hydrophilic nature on one end of the chain and oil-loving, i.e. hydrophobic nature at the other end. For example, when oil and water are added together, it does not mix and the oil floats in the water surface. This mixture can only be possible when emulsifier is added in them. After mixture of emulsifier, oil and water get lightly dispersed with each other forming stable, homogenous smooth mixture (Food Info, 2009). Emulsifier is generally a product which facilitates two substances to mix up homogeneously which ordinarily may not be possible to mix well. For example, mayonnaise is an ‘emulsified food product’. To enhance the taste and texture of this food product, emulsifier is added with other ingredients. In food products, the emulsified mixture are the combination of at least two components or “phases” which in general do not mix well all together. Oil and water are the two phases in mayonnaise (Bernstein, n.d.). 3.0 Importance The food industry uses various types of emulsifiers while producing variety of food products. The simplest type of emulsifier used in food industry is a natural emulsifier which is derived from a source of vegetable referred to as ‘lecithin’. This natural emulsifier has been derived from soybeans though other types of emulsifiers are derived from various other sources. For the production of lecithin, the soy oil is expressed from the soil beans, which is ultimately treated with steam. This emulsifier is commonly used in chocolate bars and chocolate candy. The presence of lecithin with other various ingredients in chocolate facilitates to uphold stability and avert separation and spoilage. In the food industry, emulsifiers are a foremost ingredient group that are used in products. The primary importance of emulsifiers is to increase the improvement of food palatability. The food products which make use of fats or fatty ingredients need the presence of emulsifier in order to maintain their reliability and quality. Several products of chocolate coatings and icings require this as they make fatty things. The disadvantage of the existence of these fats is primarily “mouthfeel”, which they convey to the final product. The addition of emulsifiers makes the finished product more delicious since it reduces the slippery content from the product after tasting of the fat component. Consequently, texture and stability does not negotiate taste and consumer acceptability (Bernstein, n.d.). 4.0 Applications of Emulsifiers Emulsifier is used in variety of food productions in the food industry. Several examples can highlight the importance of use of emulsifier: It is used in making bread because without the use of emulsifier it becomes dry, low in volume and get decayed easily. Two types of emulsifiers are used in bread, which are dough strengtheners and dough softeners. In dough strengtheners, diacetyl tartaric acid esters and sodium or calcium stearoyl-2-lactylate are included which help to make the dough stronger.

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