Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic Understand How To Lead Groups & Teams And Navigate Conflicts & Negotiation.Download file to see previous pages… Understand How To Lead Groups &amp.

Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic Understand How To Lead Groups & Teams And Navigate Conflicts & Negotiation.

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Understand How To Lead Groups &amp. Teams And Navigate Conflicts &amp. Negotiation

Leader gives his priority attention to the internal and external customers and their wants or needs, he provide the resources, training and environment reasonable for work to his sub ordinates, he believed in continuous improvement in a positive manners, he encourage the collaboration between his team members and prefer to do work by mutual corporation instead of this working against each other in a team finally affect the future goals on which they are working, leader is a trainer of his team he help his sub ordinates to do their job in a better way, if there is a problem in an organizational environment due to the internal misunderstanding or due to the external factors he trying to cop upit and also get the precautions for the future operation that this mistake do not repeat in future, he trying to improve his communication with his sub ordinates and trying to remove if any communication gap between them he believe in to show by his own rather to communicate it to the sub ordinates, he choice the resources on the basis of quality not the monetary reward, establish the good organizational environment or improve it and the leader know that who one give his best so he promote the individual reward as well as the team. Leadership is an important function of management which helps to maximize efficiency and to achieve organizational goals. Some of the points related to the importance of the leadership are as following: 1. A person who initiate the work, develop the policies and plans of achieving the goals and provide the guidance about from where to start work. 2. A person gives motivation to his employees by giving the rewards weather economic or non economic and gets his desired work from the employees. 3. A person is not just supervising the work of the employees he provides the guidance related to the work, to improve the efficiency of achieving the goals efficiently. 4. Confidence is one of the important elements which an employee has to express his through and explaining his ideas in front of others which helps to getting the goals. 5. The confidence in the employee is one of the necessary elements which and leader builds in his subordinates. Confidence is the inoculation to perform their liabilities to achieve objectives. 6. Management wants to perform their work through the people. When the environment is like the working environment this helps for the stable growth. Management has to pay attention the employee’s problem and solve them. Modern organizations are developing and shifting quickly and to develop effective strategies they need to hold change and growth. “Organization development is a wide application of behavioral science knowledge to the planned development and reinforcement of organizational strategies, structures, and process for improving an organization’s effectiveness” (Cummings &amp. Worley, 2009). When people with different nature, behavior and goals are gathered and start working together to achieve the same organizational goals and objectives then due to their difference in the nature and personalities and differing in their individual objectives some kind of conflicts. Conflicts mean that when two different persons have different opinion on one task and they start making the arguments which are not healthy. To resolve these conflicts the role of the leader according leadership is very important. When a team formed to perform a specific task it have diversity different type of peoples bring different skills like knowledge, experience, values, attitude, behavior and point of view.

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