Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic Why Do Youger Childer Fail at Balance Beam, Conservation and Three Dimensional Mountains.Download file to see previous pages… There are many theori

Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic Why Do Youger Childer Fail at Balance Beam, Conservation and Three Dimensional Mountains.

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There are many theories of child development which provide the best explanation for human development and intellectual growth. Among the theories that were given were the Sigmund Feud theory, Erik Erikson theory, Cognitive Child Development Theories like the Piaget’s stages of cognitive development, Behavioural Child Development Theories like classical and operant conditioning theories and Social Child Development Theories (John Bowbly-attachment theory, Albert Bandura-social learning theory and Lev Vygotsky- Sociocultural theory) (Berk, 2009). Piaget noted that children who were in early preoperational period had failed on most conservative task. The most popular conservative tasks were. the number conservative task (in this task children were to confirm their counting ability). Children were given same rows of counters which were paired together then they could say they were the same. one of the counters was then separated and asked the same question, those children who have not fully developed will have a difficult time answering the question. The same was done to test all other conservative tasks. The length task (in this task children were to confirm their ability to measure or tell length of lines), the mass task (here children were supposed to confirm their ability to weigh different types of things), in total there were seven tasks of which were said that they cannot be acquired at once (Boyd, 2009). This was an inverse to Piaget, who gave the notion of decalage, this he explained that these tasks were acquired at diverse ages meaning that there is no way any two children of the same age could develop these abilities at the same time, reason being several environmental and biological factors that always contribute to these factors. Preoperational stages occur between the ages 2 to 6. Piaget noted that children in this stage made language developments as one of their official marks of this period. He also noted that they could not understand concrete logic, and could not mentally manage or influence information. They were also not able to consider other peoples’ ideas, this he called egocentrism. During this stage, children start improving in their usage of symbols and this is confirmed by their playfulness. Children are able to role play such as play the roles of their parents, drivers and nannies. Piaget also used several ways to research the mental abilities of children at this stage. He used a 3-D display of a mountain scene, and then asked the children to describe or choose a picture of what the scene that they had seen. He deduced that most of the children were able to do this without struggle. Then the children were asked to describe a photo that was showing what another person would have seen while looking at the mountain from another viewpoint. But these children always picked the scene that was showing their own view of the mountain picture. Piaget said that this difficulty was because children could not take other people’s visible scenes. Another experiment that was done to display openly a child’s understanding of conservation was where a liquid was put in two containers that were identical. The same liquid was also put in two different containers then the children were asked to say which container held a lot of liquid. And children always picked the container that was appearing fuller than the other. Piaget performed many similar experiments on conservation number task, weight task, volume task, quantity task and length task and he discovered that very few children had the understanding of conservation before the age of five (Boyd, 2007). Researching on the theory of mind displays contradicting results.

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