Hi, need to submit a 1250 words essay on the topic Call center problems.Download file to see previous pages… This organization specializes in diversified fields therefore the personnel totals almost

Hi, need to submit a 1250 words essay on the topic Call center problems.

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This organization specializes in diversified fields therefore the personnel totals almost two thousand employees. Being the biggest employer in Glasgow, FCCC is dynamic company, which requires constant innovations and improvements of its performance and working conditions. Lately, Operations Director made investments for restructuring and rebuilding management approaches. With this new policy, Forsythe was counting to achieve improvements of company’s performance, employees’ satisfaction and economic indictors. Regrettably, invested money did not manage to give awaited results. On the contrary, the company has faced several serious problems, which require appropriate and immediate solutions. The most urgent problematic issues are the following: 1. High rate of turnover for staff The indicator of fluctuation movement of personnel is much higher among young employees of the company. This can be explained with the fact that more than one third of the staff is employees whose age is under twenty five. Moreover, for most of the workers, FCCC is their first or second place of work. That is why as every newcomer to the labour market, young employees randomly work for their first employer for a long time. Usually, when they pass an adaptation period and learn their responsibilities feeling confident in own strengths and knowledge, they are willing to switch to another employer for improving professional skills, gaining new experience, and developing own potential. In addition, despite the fact that FCCC offers compatible levels of salaries, employees easily leave the company because Glasgow is full of call centres that provide attractive working conditions. Thereby, employees always have a choice. They are not afraid to lose their job because there are a lot of other opportunities. Numerous call centres will be glad to hire them due to the low availability of spare unit of labour. High rate of turnover for staff negatively affects the balance indicators of the company’s performance. It means that the company uses its assets ineffectively and spends much time and money on recruitment of the new staff and its training. This leads to extra expenditures. 2. Poor communication process between different sections Due to the survey, it has been concluded that interaction between departments, especially in critical and urgent cases, is ineffective. Employees are blocked and isolated from each other with computer screens that hamper not only to resolve professional issues but also to discuss day-to-day topics and improve social environment in the office. The lack of proper communication causes negative influence on customer service because taking into account that each section specializes on specific sphere, the provided information can be limited. However, in case there has been a specialist in the same office, it would have been easier to offer customer assistance with the help of professionalism of colleague’s support. Due to the fact that each department has been granted its own floor, employees are able to interact with each other only via phone, which drastically restraints widening of personnel’s knowledge base and improvement of social life at work. 3. Inability to personalise own working place Taking into account that significant part of the staff works by shifts, there is a principle of hot desk in the office. Therefore, it can be concluded that employee does not have own corner and thereby is not attached to a particular working place. Hence, this may be another explanation of frequent dismissals. If a person is not able to be accustomed to own desk and add some personal things there, then he or she can easily leave it without any nostalgia or aftertaste.

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