Hi, need to submit a 1250 words essay on the topic Islam in India..Download file to see previous pages… Arabs were the first who were responsible to spread Islam in south- Asia. The first mosque whi

Hi, need to submit a 1250 words essay on the topic Islam in India..

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Arabs were the first who were responsible to spread Islam in south- Asia. The first mosque which was built in India was built by Malik Bin Deenar in Kodungallurin in 612 C.E. during the time of Prophet Muhammad. Mappilas were the first community which converted to Islam. The role of sufis was of great importance in the spread of Islam in India. Sufism played an important role which greatly helped the Hindus to understand the Muslim faith.Hazrat khwaja muin-ud-din Chisti, nizam ud-din Auliya, Amir Khusro and many others trained the other sufis to propagate Islam in various parts of India. Islam is a religion which has the quality to co-exist with other religions.The muslim poets, writers, played a very important role to help india to fight against the British.Not only Muslim men but a lot of muslim women contributed against the struggle of freedom from the british.some of them include Bi Amma,Asghari Begum, Hazrat Mahal etc.The muslims came to india in 711c.e.The Muslims established their capital at dehli by the 11th century.Many of the Mughal emperors were fanatic such as the Aurangzeb , during his reign the minorities suffered a lot because he forcibly destroyed the religious places of worship of other communities and built mosques on them but Akbar was liberal and this can be seen from the monuments which he has built .They represent different religions . The process of conversion to islam began in the 8th century which included hindus who belonged to lower class.Some of the british visitors were given permission by Akbar to stay in the eastern part of india but they misused their power and collabarated with the rajas and nawabs to fight against the mughals and muslim rulers and after fighting for almost two centuries, at last the british succeded and the mughal empire came to an end in 1857. The first War of independence was established in 1857 and in 1858 the Indian act was transferred to the British. Indian National Congress was established in 1885 to strengthen relations with the british.In 1905 partition of Bengal gave the Muslims a majority state. In the following year 1906, Muslim league was established.The downfall of the Mughal Empire greatly affected the muslims.Their laziness led to the downfall of Muslims in the sub-continent. Although Quaid-e-Azam was the embassador of hindu-muslim unity, he wanted to bring the Hindus and muslims closer but due to religious differences it became impossible. Both the nations thought that the other nation is harmful to them due to which the British took advantage and there existed more chaos and confusion among the two nations. On this basis the Muslims decided that for the protection of their culture, tradition, religion it is necessary to demand a separate homeland for themselves. A place where they could practice their religion without any fear.For this purose All-india muslim league was establihed so that the demands of the muslims of sub-continent could be properly addressed.Allama iqbal presented the concept of a separate homeland.Sir Syed Ahmed Khan played an imporatnt role in re-awakening the muslims of the un-divided india. He wanted the muslims to get educated so that they would not be lefet behind as the hindus were extremely qualified.The muslims refused to learn english and the hindus knew english and therefore were given favourable positions in government. He wanted the muslims to realize that education has a lot of importance.For this purpose he established M.A.O (Mohammad Anlo Oriental college). The congress made a lot of mistakes which convinced the Muslims that they cannot live together.

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