Hi, need to submit a 1500 words essay on the topic Companies must develop effective Crisis Communication techniques to respond to problems or dangers.Download file to see previous pages… It is prefe

Hi, need to submit a 1500 words essay on the topic Companies must develop effective Crisis Communication techniques to respond to problems or dangers.

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It is preferable for the organizations to prepare themselves for facing the crises situation, by arranging for various effective crisis communication or techniques. The study would be reflecting the significance of crises communication techniques in terms of handling crises situations within the organizations. Crises Communication: Concept and significance In order to prevent them from facing any crises situation, every organization plans for effective crises communication techniques. Crises communication is mainly the sub specialty of the strategy associated with the public relation activity, which is planned, designed and implemented for protecting any organization from facing any sort of challenge harmful for its reputation (Greenberg and Elliott, 2009). Such a challenge might include any sort of immoral allegation, media inquiry, inquiry from any government agency etc. As already stated above almost every organization is vulnerable to face crises situation once in its overall operational life time. It becomes very important for the organizations to prepare them for these crises situation. If they fail to plan for effective crises communication strategies within time then it would result in incurring more damage for them. The crises management plans should be efficient enough to address to the communication issues linked with the crises or disastrous situation. If the companies do not prepare themselves for the crises situation, then it would result in a number of negative outcomes for them, such as: The operational response will get disturbed. The stakeholders will become totally confused, annoyed and react in a negative manner. The solution to such crises situation either will not be reached by the companies or will take long time to get resolved. It is often the joint effort of a large number of online platforms along with the common people who victimize the organizations and guarantees to the fact that they face crises situation by spreading harmful messages, which negatively impacts their reputation. These messages are often termed as ‘rumours’. The art of dragging an organization into worst situation is such that if somehow the messages that are spread are found as true, then the victimized companies would be dragged to distrustful corner without giving them a single chance of collecting relevant evidences to prove themselves innocent. In case of an urgent situation, the organizations should communicate with the customers, stakeholders and media instead of avoiding such a circumstance. Avoidance to the crises situation results in increasing distrust of the customers, employees and other stakeholders. Thus, the organizations should be ready with communication plans for handling such situations by communicating with the internal and external stakeholders in an accurate and prompt manner. They should be reached in such manner that they appear to be the priority for the organizations holding high value. In case of any crisis situation, the first impact on the customers, employees as well as other stakeholders is that they start clarifying how it would affect them and their position in the market. The crises communication strategies of the organizations must have the ability to satisfy them with proper replies to all their demanding queries. It is the effectiveness of the crises communication techniques, which determine whether the organizations’ reputation would be impacted negatively or not.

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