Hi, need to submit a 1500 words essay on the topic Nursing Informatics.Download file to see previous pages… Understanding and identifying such challenges is the first requirement in order to find so

Hi, need to submit a 1500 words essay on the topic Nursing Informatics.

Download file to see previous pages…

Understanding and identifying such challenges is the first requirement in order to find solutions to the problems faced by the nursing informatics today. RECENT TRENDS IN NURSING INFORMATICS INTRODUCTION A very interesting fact about health informatics is its smooth and rapid integration in the health care systems of the world. Now, advanced health care facilities cannot even bear to think running their services without computerized equipment at their disposal (Caraway, 2008). They have valid reasons, for computers and informatics systems have made processing and handling patients much quicker and efficient. Nurses in many ways can be considered as the pioneers in adopting such technologies within their services. This is the sole reason why nursing informatics is an important feature of the nursing curriculum (Caraway, 2008). Informatics is defined as the science of “representation, processing and communication of information in natural and artificial systems” (Fourman, 2003), where as in health care it would be defined as “a discipline focused on the acquisition, storage and use of information in a specific setting or domain” (Hersh, 2009). So how are nurses using these technologies in their daily healthcare provision? Firstly they are using informatics as an analyzing tool, and with that they are better able to choose, implement and evaluate the information gathered and create better care systems. Such systems are also now widely being used to provide information and education to the staff (Caraway, 2008). This trend has given a boost to the already implemented evidence based health care provision, by keeping nurses up to date about the most recent researches and clinical studies. It is therefore, easier for nurses to advance themselves as they move forward in their career (Caraway, 2008). WHAT IS HAPPENING NOW? The current trends are very much the continuation of the efforts of the past. With the understanding of the potential impact of informatics in medicine and health care delivery, there is emphasis to explore new areas and integrate this new technology deeper (Kampov-Polivoi, 2010, Jensen, Meyer and Sternberger, 2009). this reflects itself in the number of programs that have evolved related to informatics not only in nursing but in other medical areas as well. the technical advancement of these programs is reflected in the high number of such programs delivered online for studying (Kampov-Polivoi, 2010). Nursing informatics is based on three principles, which include data, information and knowledge. Utilizing these three principles has been able to provide one of the best methods applicable in evidence based nursing and medicine (Kaminski, 2010). This is why the evolution of the current nursing informatics programs has been made from bachelor levels to master levels. These developments in the academic areas indicate that informatics in all of its forms are becoming an essential subject to be learnt for future health care systems (Kampov-Polevoi, 2010). The integration of this system may be able to help reduce the work load that is presented to the current nurses. Currently, there is a gradual shortage of nursing staff across the globe due to the most demanding and time consuming work nurses do (Kaminski, 2010). The introduction of information technology in nursing may be able to reduce the burden of such long hours, and may even entice fresh graduates into taking up nursing as a profession (Kaminski, 2010).

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