Hi, need to submit a 2000 words essay on the topic Manage Innovation and Continuous Improvement.Download file to see previous pages… It is often believed that the management is responsible for imple

Hi, need to submit a 2000 words essay on the topic Manage Innovation and Continuous Improvement.

Download file to see previous pages…

It is often believed that the management is responsible for implementing and sustaining changes but it also requires help and support from other stakeholders to make it a mutual process offering mutual benefits and success. There is no denying that the strategic approach of the organization often defines its innovation and development approach. Changes are inevitable that are often criticized by individuals having problems in accepting changes. It needs to be understood that innovation and continuous development is based on changes that require support and acceptance of every stakeholder. The assignment assesses and analyzes the scope for opportunities and threats along with evaluating risks and other parameters associated with the innovation and development strategic of the organization. The underpinning would further help in understanding the key intricacies of innovation and development management. Continuous Improvement and Innovative Processes Jims Cleaning is a household name in Australia with more than 200 families embracing its franchise model. The organization boasts on its innovative cleaning ideas helping others to understand the value of cleanliness along with saving the environment by using environment friendly products and services. There is no denying that the organization’s journey started with a clear vision and mission that picked pace because of stupendous understanding of the environment and society embedded with invaluable support and cooperation of hundreds. Some of the innovative ideas leading to continuous development include: The organization is passionate and honest about the job that most individuals hate The organization uses its own products that offer freedom of mind along with eliminating a hassle to arrange the right gear Most products are made from natural and biodegradable agents that that shows care and affection for the society and families The organization is quite wise in terms of accepting new trends and challenges. The green movement has been widely accepted and Jims Cleaning is one of the leading cleaning organizations taking initiatives in saving water and respecting the environment in every possible manner Most professionals hired by the organization are well trained that makes the whole process easy and simple for the customer and also for the management The organization has stretched its presence through a number of franchise that can be considered as a wide move based on gaining attention all across the world along with doing the good work Continuous development in every functional department Reviewing Current Processes Currently, Jims Cleaning offers wide arrays of cleaning services that include blind cleaning, car’s cleaning, pressure cleaning, general cleaning, carpet cleaning and window cleaning. The business model is based on Franchise system that often helps in extending reach and influence in different parts of the country. The current business process can be considered as of great value operated in a modern and ethical manner. The acceptance of green movement further consolidates organizations image as one of the leading cleaning services organizations in the country.

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