Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Different approaches to decision-making.Download file to see previous pages… Tentatively, it is extremely difficult to use these sales to justify th

Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Different approaches to decision-making.

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Tentatively, it is extremely difficult to use these sales to justify the existence of a common problem. In the same case, Home Depot and Lowe’s, in as far as the Big Box DIY store is concerned experience a relatively higher annual sales than Menard’s. On another case, when all the three categories of DIY stores are compared, there is a big difference in terms of sales, showing how the sales may be misleading especially where a major decision making is concerned. Possibly, a major individual store audit may be necessary in order to balance the decisions that are just yet to be made, with the possible causes of frustrations and poor performance in a number of the DIY stores. 3. The Company executives assumed a normative framework of decision making. One of the major operating principles of normative framework is to identify, which decision or judgment is most appropriate to make. It provides and evaluation standards, which the company executives used to determine that it is more appropriate actually, to sell the DIY stores that to merger the IT systems of all the stores. It requires an adequate observation with effective definitions of the stakes involved. The Company executives must have identified the situation irredeemable as high stakes were involved that could not be salvaged by any alternative apart from selling the stores. 4. There are several stakeholders who are responsible for decision making in a company. In all areas, top management is involved, but who count on the valuations and assessment of an area’s experts and technical professional. In this case, the Company’s IT expert and project developers (engineers) are the most integral component of decision making in the IT area. Their assessments, evaluations and conclusion form the backbone or the basis of decision making. They are the people who come out with why it would be better or disastrous to take certain decisions in as far as the Company’s IT system is concerned. The Company’s executives and top managers must also be involved, and in fact they are the most essential players in the decision making framework. They will rely on the deductions of IT and project development engineers to make effective decisions with regard to changes and implementation. 5. Analytic cognitive style may be best suited for such kind of a situation. It requires that all different parts of a system that interact together to bring out a general impact must be examined and analyzed with regards to their i1ndividual contribution to the major problem at hand. There several parts of the DIY stores that are run by the same Company in France and the decision to sell all the stores stem from the fact that almost all of the stores are negatively affected in one way or the other. This puts into consideration the need to react and make decisions influenced from the individual analysis of all the stores in France. It is the responsibility of the executives to ensure that the decisions make take care of all the business establishments owned by the same company in a particular region. 6. An effective creative approach to analysis must put into consideration new and efficiently applicable concepts and ideas. The analysis process must disintegrate the available data and findings into finer details with a view of identifying the problems and coming up with impressive solutions that innovatively improve the current situations.

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