Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Technology Strategies. Kudler Company.Download file to see previous pages… The aspect of selection and implementation of relevant changes in technol

Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Technology Strategies. Kudler Company.

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The aspect of selection and implementation of relevant changes in technological advancements for the improvement of the company needs expert opinions as it would flop if it were to be done without following the due process as stipulated in rules and guidelines that provide the guidance on the way forward. In light of this fears, an approach is proposed that will be good in a contingent way as well as in a way that accommodates a socio-technical approach (Floyd, 2010).

One of the mostly applied strategies includes the Initial Public Offering. This is also referred to as the IPO. This strategy is often resorted to by new companies that are out to facilitate the expansion of their operations. The IPO serves such crucial functions that are elementary and of significant importance to the company. It occurs when the firm offers common shares openly to the public. There can always be possibility to raise capitals through commissions of exchanges that are registered to undertake the public offering. When the company takes this step, it must be ready to face an obvious amount of public scrutiny. The company however faces increased responsibility that are accompanied by opportunities to strengthen the relations between the firm owners and the major stakeholders that make the wheels of change turn and move forward. (Floyd, 2010) One such company that practices IPO is the Kudler Fine Foods. The company has made immense growth on the competitive field of business. The company tends to issue preferred securities or common stocks and that in the long run create essential growth of capital and its acceleration. Kudler Company can achieve accelerated growth through hiring of new personnel, expanding development and the forms of research that are involved. The major effect of this strategy is to enable the company penetrate into global investment base to facilitate large investment of capital. Kudler Fine Foods is now required to keep the stakeholders up to date on the management strategies of the company as well as the business operations and legal obligations as they arise. Working under public examination works well to keep the company on toes. (Paul, 2007) The second strategy that a firm can opt for in bringing in a new perspective of seeing things is that of acquisition. Through acquisition, a company acquires on or more of the companies that work within the same market. Acquisitions often get done with the main aim of growing and expanding the firm. One such firm that practices such form of strategy is the BOC gases. They have acquired other smaller manufacturers of gases and put them under the same umbrella. (Lawson, 2006) Acquisition can happen in two possible ways. One way is that of mutual understanding whereby the companies agree to join hands or to be acquired. The other form is that of forceful takeover which can mostly just be done by companies that are publically traded. When the latter happens, more than 50 % of the acquired company is taken under control by the big company that forcefully takes over. However it looks more than obvious that the situation for BOC gases. The other smaller firms that are under the umbrella were mostly acquired in a willing seller and willing buyer basis whereby the small firms opted for this option as they may have noticed their profits going down. The companies’ desire for growth can now be achieved from a comfortable position whereby they are secure. This form of strategy also enables the bigger company to venture into new geographic locations and to expand their base for doing business hence increasing opportunities. (Floyd, 2010) The third strategy that a firm can apply in the growth and expansion is that of merger.

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