HIM2HCA Health Classification And Clinical Coding

HIM2HCA Health Classification And Clinical Coding

Purpose Of The Enquiry

This assessment will allow you to practice clinical coding and apply alphabetical and tabular list conventions and Australian Coding Standards to medical statements, scenarios and medical records.

Background And Rationale

Health Classification is a learned skill that requires interpretation of information from a variety of sources. These include the medical record, the Australian Coding Standards (ACS) and the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and related Health Problems (ICD-10-AM) and published advice from appropriate government departments.

The information produced by health classification is used extensively for research, health services management and planning, patient quality measures, disease notification and activity based funding.

High quality data will help ensure that injury surveillance and decision making based on the inpatient admitted dataset has solid foundations. It will also ensure that the organisation receives maximum financial reimbursement for the work that they undertake.

In contrast low quality data will place an organisation under potential financial pressure and will decrease the usability of the data for research and population heath studies.


The correct and accurate classification of diseases and procedures will be marked as per the Department of Health Information Management ‘Health Classification Marking Schema’.

HIM2HCA Health Classification And Clinical Coding

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