(HIPPA) and Medical (JCAHO) Accreditation Requirements

(HIPPA) and Medical (JCAHO) Accreditation Requirements

What is JCAHO?

JCAHO is an abbreviation that stands for Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, a body which is tasked with the responsibility of setting the standards for organization in the healthcare industry and to offer accreditations to those organizations that meet those standards. It does this by conducting periodic visits to these organizations to ensure that the acceptable standards are maintained by the organizations at any given time of operation (Practice Green health, N.D.).

What is this resource?

The standard set by JCAHO examines the organizations performance from different functional areas. These include human resource standards the availability of an environment of care, and in leadership scales in the organizations. These are measured by performance measurement attributes titled “Elements of Performance (EP)” that are designed to capture the organization form different areas of operations (Practice Green health, N.D.).


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