Historic Relevance of the Odyssey

Subject: History and Political Science, Book Report/Review ( number of bids: 3 )

Topic: Historic Relevance of the Odyssey
the paper needs to be about how “The Odyssey” might have portrayed the times and views of the world when it was written, or if it was just pure imagination. The paper need to be about some peer reviewed article about “The Odyssey” in some way if the times and views aspect cannot be met. the rules below are the papers guidelines, they must be met.

The minimum length refers to the amount of your own original words, not counting quotations, references, or works cited list. A copy of the journal article must be attached.
The article that you choose must be historical, written at least 20 years after the event, but must also the recent which means within the past 30 years. It must also be a scholarly research article. It must be between 15 and 35 pages long, peer-reviewed, the text of the article indicates the sources of information using parenthetical syndications, footnotes, or endnotes. The article presents the results of the author’s original research, it is not a book review or summary of known events.
The report will summarize the article, briefly give background information necessary in understanding article, describes the author’s main argument, discuss the author’s sources and how the evidence supports the argument, discussed the significance of the article in light of previous scholarship and textbook for popular accounts.
You must also put quotation marks around any phrase of two or more words in a row that you borrow from an author. You must also include a works cited list in proper format.

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