HIV Critical Thinking

This is the textbook information:
A Global Perspective
Compiled by Donna Champeau & Karen Elliott
If you attended Bob?s talk, please refer to ?A? below; if you did not attend his talk, please

refer to ?B? below.
Respond thoroughly to questions 1-5 below in 3-5 pages, double-spaced, and using APA

formatting. Your
answers must please refer to the textbook AND Bob Skinner?s talk. If you were not here the day

Bob was in
class, please refer to The Positive Project.
Cite your sources throughout your write-up (Skinner, 2013) OR (The Positive Project, 2000) AND

chapter author, date). Points will be deducted if you do not use the two sources. You may also

reference other
information that you find and that may enhance the content of your answers, but Bob Skinner/The

Project and the textbook must be your primary sources of information.
A. Bob Skinner: Think about the information and experiences that Bob shared, and answer the

B. The Positive Project: Refer to First, watch 8-10

interviews that are
posted on this website (each interview is brief); then, answer the following questions. Note.

You will need
to register for this site before watching the interviews in full.
1. Summarize Bob?s story as it relates to HIV, OR summarize two individuals? stories of your

choice from
The Positive Project. Each summary (one for Bob, two for the PP) should be one paragraph and

how the individual acquired HIV, if he or she is healthy according to WHO?s definition of

health, and
your impression of the individual?s quality of life.
2. The mission of The Positive Project is: ?To use the stories of people infected and affected

to raise awareness, reduce stigma, promote prevention, encourage testing, and enhance care and
quality of life,? as is the mission the Bob?s talk. Do you think this mission is being carried

out by
whichever opportunity you observed (i.e., The Positive Project, Bob)? Why or why not?
3. Is it possible for a person to live with HIV and not have it define his or her life? Why or

why not? Does
where an HIV+ individual live in the world influence the answer to this question? Why or why

Providing examples may be helpful when answering this question.
4. How does the virus that causes AIDS not discriminate? In other words, who is at risk for HIV

5. Describe at least three social issues that contribute to the disparate HIV incidence rates

prevalence measurements across the globe.
The textbook edition is eight.

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