HLTH 2911 Perinatal Nursing

Syndrome associated with severe preeclampsia, with multiple failing organs. HLTH 2911 Perinatal Nursing
A general term referring to hypertensive situations during pregnancy
Mary is at 30 weeks’ gestation and has been hospitalized with severe pre-eclampsia. List four nursing care measures for Mary
A woman is at 28 weeks’ gestation and is experiencing pre-term labour. List and describe two medications that are commonly used in British Columbia during this time. For each medication, include the type of drug and the teaching you would give to the mother.  HLTH 2911 Perinatal Nursing

 A 19-year-old Italian Catholic woman arrives at the Women’s Health Clinic. She is scheduled for a suction evacuation of her fetus. She is at nine weeks’ gestation in her first pregnancy, unmarried, and alone. Due to her religious beliefs, she feels guilty. However, her fear that her father will find out that she is pregnant is greater than her guilt. She blurts out, “He’ll kill me if he finds out.” She mentions that her partner does not know she is pregnant. She does not want him to stop her from taking what she feels is the best action in her situation. The clinic policy states that the young woman needs an escort for the trip home. Suggest possible strategies to help this young woman.
31. List and explain one non-invasive diagnostic test and one invasive diagnostic test that could be used to determine fetal well-being. HLTH 2911 Perinatal Nursing

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