How to throw pottery

b. Ask if anyone knows what throwing pottery is. (show Ghost movie)
c. This is a very fun thing to do because you get to create something awesome out of a ball of clay. You should all try it.
d. I took pottery my whole senior year and have done research on the subject. I had very good teachers and I also got all A’s in that class.
e. Main points ( I am going to show you how a ball of clay can turn into something like this) (show pots) (show main point overhead)
i. Different kinds of clay to be used
ii. Tools used while throwing the clay
b. Tools used in throwing pots (show the overhead of the tools)
vii. Can be imanginative with tools
i. Neade clay like doe to remove all the air bubbles
ii. Take ball of clay and place on wheel
iii. Center the clay (most important step)
4. Use the bottom of palm to push in and other hand to push down on top of clay. Many different way to do.
1. Push down in the middle of clay with thumb and pull out
3. Check with needle to see how far (should be about an inch or so)
2. Use pinching method for first few pulls
3. Now use two hands one inside and one outside use tips of fingers.
4. Pull up with slight pressure on the wall of the pot
5. Go through several time to make sure ever

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